Sleep Tonic

Lying in bed tossing and turning. Mind buzzing, reworking an event during the day or worrying about something happening tomorrow.

Then when you do get to sleep you wake at 4am totally drained?

Many insomniacs are people simply caught in the downward spiral of anxiety and depression, spending an inordinate amount of time worrying. So no surprise they complain of waking up early in the morning feeling exhausted.

The answer is to call someone who will listen. The Tonic Team cuts through the psychobabble, taking time to listen to your concerns; helping you get worries into perspective and back into good sleeping patterns

Tonic - the ultimate sedative and far less toxic than benzodiazepines.

Tonic is rather like calling Samaritans without the samaritans!

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How to get started

If you are a new client all you have to do is -

  • Register as a Tonic client. It is free.
  • As a new client we want to prove the value of our therapy, so a bedtime session costs only £40 for 30 minutes. This is less than a course of Nytel or Kalm tablets!
  • Registration enables you to pay via PayPal and that is it. There is no further commitment, no contract, no auto-renewal or scary direct debit mandate to keep you awake. There are not even any hidden extras and your therapist will even pay for the phone call.
So register with Tonic, decide on an early night and invite a Tonic therapist to send you to sleep

Will you use hypnosis?

Nice thought, but unnecessary and impractical within 30 minutes. But your Therapist will aim for deep relaxation and the worst that could happen is that you go to sleep and wake up wonderfully relaxed. The ultimate power nap.

What happens if I am asleep at the end of the 30 minutes?

Your Therapist promises not to blow a trumpet very loudly down the phone! If you are asleep the job has been done and, as we are making the call, your Therapist will end it.