Phobia Tonic

Some of Tonic's most spectacular successes have been with phobias. The fear of spiders (Arachnophobia), flying (Aerophobia), confined spaces (Claustrophobia) and heights (Acrophobia) are the most common concerns we handle. Also there is a great demand for our help in overcoming panic attacks.

The first thing you need to know is that whatever your fear you are not alone, as at least 12% of the adult population suffer a phobic response sometime in their lives. Secondly, being afraid of something that can cause harm is a normal reaction. You are normal. It is only when there is a strong, persistent and irrational fear of particular objects, activities or situations that therapy is required.

The good news is that your unwanted phobia or superstition is easily treatable. And we don't have to 'touch wood' to make that promise!

With Tonic's help you can live your life without experiencing the type of acute anxiety that brings on nausea, dry mouth, breathlessness and the inability to speak and think clearly. Gone will be the days when a visit to the dentist or an injection resulted in clammy palms, palpitations and high blood pressure.

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How to get started

Relax. Phobias are normal - you are normal. To be honest, the most you have to fear is fear itself and we are certainly not in the business of Aversion Therapy. No spiders plopped on sweaty palms by us!
Invite one of our therapists to phone and together you will banish your fears. If you are a new client all you have to do is -

  • Register as a Tonic client. It is free.
  • As a new client we want to prove the value of our therapy, so a half-hour session costs only £40.
  • Registration enables you to pay via PayPal and that is it. There is no further commitment, no contract, no auto-renewal or scary direct debit mandate. There are not even any hidden extras and your therapist will even pay for the phone call.

So please, invite Tonic to phone you and say farewell to your phobia.

Why is Tonic so upbeat about its phobia service?

Phobias can be described as a one trial learning experience, in that it only takes one very bad experience to create a phobic response. If it is that easy to learn such behaviour, then it is as equally quick to unlearn it or even learn a better behaviour.

Can I treat myself?

No, as you are a rational person with an irrational problem.

As phobias can cause people to be scared of non-threatening objects, sufferers are often seen as irrational. In a way, that's right. A phobia has nothing to do with the thinking, rational part of the brain as it is simply a survival mechanism gone wrong. The phobic is otherwise perfectly normal and can often see the irrationality of their phobic reaction. This, however, rarely helps the sufferer. Well meaning attempts to talk someone out of a phobia nearly always end in failure.

Tonic succeeds because it uses fast track therapies which have been proved to work time and time again.