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Stress Tonic is the No.1 name for therapy by phone. We care about you, we are available 24/7 and we are affordable - registration  REGISTER NOW. Confidentiality is guaranteed. If you are - then there is a therapist On Call waiting to help. To demonstrate our commitment, we will even pay for the phone call. Please, let us help you.

Three reasons to choose Tonic - discreet, professional, immediate.

No Call Charges - We Call You

How to get started

For details on how to access our range of tonics click here, or go straight to registration. Fee structure:
Registration Free
Consultations £40 for a 30-minute tonic of your choice, at any time of your choosing. £75 for a 60-minute tonic of your choice, at any time of your choosing.
Phone charges Tonic pays
Annual membership None

Can this site be trusted?

Stress Tonic is a practical resource that offers no medical advice, sells no products and makes no claims about healing. It is simply a Booking Agency linking people like you with qualified therapists who already have their own successful practices. It is the same as a one-to-one session in their consultancy room, except that the therapy is by phone. The same safeguards apply. The competency of our consultants is guaranteed, but their success is dependent on two factors - synergy and your willingness to be helped. Thus as a further protection, all Tonic sessions are capped at a maximum of 60 minutes to ensure neither your time nor money is wasted. This determination to live by results is central to our reputation of being a professional Booking Agency that can be trusted.