Our Clients

At work

Working mothers, teachers, social workers and all levels of business managers are by far the biggest categories. Also -

  • Stressed secretaries with bosses from hell; they grab a half-hour lunch break for a one-to-one with someone they know is human.
  • Nervous execs with panic attacks prior to interviews or making public presentations.
  • Workers facing redundancy.
  • Train commuters winding down before the pressures of home life. Yes, even if crammed into a rail carriage the Tonic Team make you feel positive about life.

Tonic - Botox For The Mind

At home

  • Home workers and housewives balancing home/work pressures
  • Insomniacs
  • Depressed and anxious partners
  • Mums-to-be seeking pre-natal relaxation; medical research shows that high blood pressure and stress can affect the placenta.

The biggest users among teenagers are -

  • Students with pre-exam nerves and panic attacks.
  • The shy and nervous seeking a confidence boosts or with low self esteem.
  • Pre-driving test nerves

Tonic - The Ultimate Pep Talk

The most common public places from which Tonic therapies are requested are airport lounges (aerophobia is a common problem), long distance coaches, public parks, dentist reception areas and the concourses of train termini. The most unusual call was from a garden shed where the lady of the house had been cornered by a spider.

What will you do to me?

Talk. Talking therapies are cathartic. We do a lot of listening as well as talking because of course it is a two-way process. But remember - this is a very personal service, especially if you are booking repeat appointments with your regular Therapist.

Could I not just listen to a recording?

If you must, but no tape or computer program cares about you. The Tonic Team delivers TLC by the bucketful, treating you as an individual who is unique.