How It Works

Welcome to our range of refreshing therapy-by-phone tonics. This is how the service works:

We want you to experience the quality of our services without commitment. So for the fee of just £40 you are invited to have a therapy session for the Service of your choice. This is for 30 minutes and can be requested any time during the day to suit your convenience. All you need to do is to complete the easy payment Registration. This process also records the minimum personal details necessary for the Tonic therapist to make contact.

You will be delighted by the personal quality and care of this Welcome Therapy session. And having registered all future bookings can be fast tracked, plus you can request the same therapist again and again. Just like visiting a clinic.

However, if we succeed in solving your problem immediately or you simply do not want to proceed with further sessions, you will not be contacted again as we respect your privacy.

Want to know more?


Your Welcome Session can be booked when registering, or at any time of your choosing.

The fee for further daytime sessions is a non-stressful £60 per hour, but can be booked in two 30 minute sessions. Treatment between 10pm and 8am, which is usually for either Pain or Insomnia, costs £76 per hour. There are no hidden charges and even the phone call is at Tonic's expense.

Price Comparison: Our fees are on a par or less than those charged by Consultants working from their own clinics. The 24/7 availability, anonymity and immediacy of Tonic's therapy-on-demand services cannot be matched.


At peak times it is difficult to ensure our therapists' availability copes demand, so the more notice the better - you can book an appointment up to a week in advance. On receipt of your Booking you will receive back an email confirming your appointment and the name of your Therapist.


Your phone will ring at the requested time. You then have exclusive use of your therapist.

... And that is it! There are no hidden extras, no call charge, no subscription and no annual membership fee. In fact, to ensure that you incur no other costs, Tonic is the only feel-good therapy service that contacts clients at its expense, rather than hiding behind a Call Centre or using premium rate phone numbers. In the unlikely event that the first session does not meet your expectations, you will not be contacted again. No emails, no phone calls and that is a promise.

What does it cost?

For details on how to access our range of tonics click here, or go straight to registration.

Fee structure:

Registration Free
Consultations £40 for a 30-minute tonic of your choice, at any time of your choosing.
£75 for a 60-minute tonic of your choice, at any time of your choosing.
Phone charges Tonic pays
Annual membership None

Do you guarantee you can help me?

You will feel better, more positive and 100% alive to face the world. Our enthusiasm is contagious but ultimately much depends on personal chemistry. Sometimes the synergy is not there or the challenge too great for a short phone session - such as for depression, psychosis & PTSD. What is important is that you work with your Therapist to make your session a success.

Why restrict the length of sessions?

Your goodwill means more than your money. Our Therapists live by results and if they cannot show a positive outcome within either a 30 or 60 minute session, then the chances of succeeding over a greater period diminish. However, Tonic Therapists genuinely care and are not clock watchers. You can also call back as often as you want to speak to the same Therapist in the same way as visiting a clinic.