Gin & Tonic (FAQs)

Hopefully with our help you will have no need for another G&T! Below are the most common queries and in answer to the question 'Is phone therapy as effective as face-to-face?' here is an independent view.

Why use Tonic?

Tonic is neither an educational or counselling service, but a practical resource providing fast-track therapy at the point of need. The convenience of using Tonic overcomes the time consuming process of attending a clinic for a face-to-face appointment. Our team takes you as you are, where you are and adds much needed TLC. Your guarantee of anonymity and our guarantee of expert help on-demand is the winning combination. A bereaved client described our service as 'a verbal hug'.

What do you charge?

We believe it is unfair to expect you to phone a premium rate 090 number. So Tonic is unique in offering to phone you at our expense and charging a fixed fee that is fully inclusive.
  • Your introductory therapy-by-phone session costs just £40 for 30 minutes. The fee for 1 hour is £75.
Thus for just the cost of a visit to a hair salon or a round of drinks we'll find the very best therapists and bring them to you.

How do I get started?

  • Registration is free.
  • We want to prove the value of our therapy, so a half-hour session costs only £40.
  • The fee for further therapy-by-phone between 8am and 10pm is £60 per hour, which is on a par with any professional High Street clinic.
  • The fee for night calls between 10pm and 8am is £76 per hour - such availability is never offered by traditional therapists.
  • Bookings can be requested for 30 minute sessions, which are ideal for fast-track therapy such as before an exam, a dental appointment or to settle pre-flight nerves.
  • Registration enables you to pay via PayPal.
  • None. There is no contract, auto-renewal, direct debit mandate or even an annual membership fee. Even the phone call is paid by your therapist.
Do you have a more serious problem? Have a look at our face-to-face counselling service -

What about my privacy?

Trust is of paramount importance. To register, no family name, address or post code is required by Tonic. In fact, there is no Client database, thus guaranteeing your anonymity. However, we also offer the personal touch in that you can ask for your own Therapist as often as you like, in the same way if you were booking an appointment at a clinic or a natural health practice. You will never receive sales calls or text messages and no third party will be given your contact number/email address.

Do you use hypnotherapy?

Your Therapist may use Solution Focused Based Therapy (SFBT) if the circumstances are right. It simply means focusing on the positive aspects of our lives. The technique helps to desensitise you from emotions of past or future events and to achieve goals. However, the Tonic Team does not believe in hiding behind long words like hypnoanalysis or relying on complex concepts such as the psychodynamic theory. And in 30 minutes there is no time for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Indeed, we are not even great fans of Freud and certainly see no merit in encouraging Clients to become emotional about things that have gone wrong in the past, when it is obvious that their problems are current. All we care about is about making you feel great about yourself - now.

Who are the Tonic Therapists?

Tonic has a bank of independent experts skilled in talking therapies, which are ideal for phone-based therapy. The solution based approach works especially well within such a tight timeframe. More about us

Can I contact the same Therapist again?

Certainly. A high proportion of our business is based on having established a personal bond during the first call. Knowing who is calling on the 2nd bookings make an immense difference.

How can I explain my problems & get treatment in such a short session?

You can't. But by calling the Tonic Team you will be taking the first step towards a more positive approach to your life. By concentrating on the solution not the problem, the aim is to put more hope, love and joy back into your life.

Is therapy by phone better than visiting a clinic?

Tonic is a brilliant First Aid solution for the stresses and strains of everyday life. Your own personal Mind Gym. But you can't beat a face to face session as eye contact is helpful in instilling trust and confidence. However, in this fast pace world, we have to wrap our personal needs around business and personal commitments. In addition, many practices have lengthy waiting list to see counsellors and clinical psychologists. We offer you a short, simple lifeline - the ultimate Tonic to refresh yourself.

Do you recommend I stop taking my other treatments?

No. Emphatically NO. Tonic offers complementary healthcare, so whatever your doctor has told you - follow it; whatever medication you are on - take it.

Can you recommend clinics and alternative medicine practitioners?

The Tonic Team is proud of its independence and we will not undermine our objectivity by promoting other therapists, especially if there is no way of knowing if they match our Service Standard. Remember - there are no promises to heal, no miracle cures, no products to buy. There is no affiliation to any drugs company, no sponsorship and no ideology or religion is promoted. All we care about is empowering you to help you.