Dental Tonic

If you are scared to go to the dentist then help is at hand. No books to buy, tapes to listen or potions to consume. Dental Tonic offers personal support and has an On Call specialist in dental phobia waiting to speak to you now. We are the only therapy-by-phone centre in the UK that can help you 24/7.

If you are new to this service - 'welcome'. All you need to do is register which is free and you can then claim a reduced fee consultation with the therapist. The service is easy to use, there are no hidden costs and we will even pay for the phone call.

Book a session now to reduce your anxiety. Or arrange to arrive early at your dentist's surgery and invite a Tonic therapist to call you on your mobile while you are waiting in your car or sitting in reception.

Thank you for visiting

If you know someone who suffers from a fear of dentistry, please help them by clicking  here to email them about this site. Thank you.

How to get started

Relax, there is nothing to worry about. Dentistry is now so advanced that even the most complex procedures only involve minor discomfort. Also your dentist knows your anxiety and has years of practice at putting his patients at their ease.
To be honest, the most you have to fear is fear itself. This is where Tonic comes in as we will build up your confidence and calm you down before your appointment. Invite one of our therapists to phone and together we will banish your fears. If you are a new client all you have to do is -

  • Register as a Tonic client. It is free.
  • As a new client we want to prove the value of our therapy so a half-hour session only costs £40, which is far less than a hygienist appointment! Your therapist is really good so you will not need more than this one-off 30 minute session.
  • Registration enables you to pay via PayPal and that is it. There is no further commitment, no contracts, no auto-renewals or scary direct debit mandates. There are not even any hidden extras and your therapist will even pay for the phone call.

If you` ask for your same therapist again and again. If we never hear from you again it will be sad, but we will have done our job and you have nothing further to pay.
So, please register with Tonic and stop stressing.

Am I being a wimp?

Definitely not. Your dentist is there to help you and will do everything possible to ensure you have a trauma-free and pain-free experience. In fact, dental techniques have improved so much that modern dental treatment can now be completely painless. But still 25% of us are nervous of going to the dentist. Untreated, a dental phobia can grow so powerful that people will avoid having their teeth examined for years and we even have clients who claim they would rather pull their own teeth! Dental Tonic understands these real fears and offers a very personal and professional service to help you overcome them.