Stand By Your Man

Warning – marriage is a leading cause of divorce

Nagging therapy could save your life  > Two of our Bloggers responded to our previous Posting about how anger can cause a fatal heart attack, by pointing out that marriage prevents heart disease! Some may say that is too high a price to pay, but their advice is based on research which has found that […]

Hell’s bells! It’s the Morris Men

Hey nonny no, no, no, here come the Morris Dancers  > We have no idea what a ‘nonny’ means, but it does seem to herald the arrival of Morris Dancers.  If you suffer from any type of chorophobia* then this is the time of year to avoid pubs and town centres where weird men can […]

Unprotected sex beats depression

The hidden benefits of semen >  Today’s shock news is that tight jeans and fluffy hoods endanger your health. Or did you know that you can buy underwear that gives you electric shocks to banish bed sores? It is hard to read any newspaper and not find similar miracle cures, ridiculous health products or balmy medical research […]

Old timers shed their inhibitions

Get to my age and 50 sheds of grey is my idea of fun   >  So quipped one of our male clients who rejoices in the sanctuary at the bottom of his garden. A shed is place for older men to do things, mend things, invent things in splendid isolation. A place to escape the […]

I’m single because I was born that way

‘A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once’  >  All you carefree bachelors need to be afraid – very afraid. If social media is to be believed, there is a whole army of spineless blokes with Leap Year phobia who will hiding from their partners on Monday in case they pop […]

Stress danger of working from home

Warning – flexible working can make you ill   >  Until now the idea of working from home has been the holy grail in achieving work-life balance. Less stressful, more productive. But this is being called into question by research which has found that such flexible working practices can do more harm than good, as […]

Dad – a son’s 1st hero, a daughter’s 1st love

Stress equality best gift for Dad’s Day >  “In the name of equality with Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day was dreamt up by marketing people as a way of flogging more tat to the other half of the population”. This was the jaded view expressed by a colleague in the Tonic offices earlier this week. The culprit did […]

Society puts more pressure on males

Male depression on the rise >    A report in the British Journal of Psychiatry puts forward the theory that the number of men suffering depression will increase due to role changes in society. Psychiatrists have predicted a shift away from traditional male roles in Western society due to altered social and economic factors and […]

Men seek equality with menopause

‘Male menopause is male whining taken to an art form‘   >  Our therapists speak to many male clients who suggest their mood swings and negative attitude is caused by the male menopause. To a great extent this self-diagnosis of Andropause (yes, that is its true name) results from all the hype in the Media, plus […]