Sports Therapy

What is the point of solid filament needles?

Getting to the point about dry needling  >  Much to the irritation of western chiropractors and osteopaths, there is a growing fascination among athletes in alternative medicines. This month it has been the turn of dry needling for improving neuro-musculo-skeletal function (ie great as a tennis elbow cure), while others have been extolling the virtues […]

Walk & talk ecotherapy improves mental health

‘One step at the time is good walking‘ – So says an ancient proverb and indeed it has been proved that walking improves physical and mental health.  On this basis we should all embrace the latest fad for walk and talk ecotherapy. Not only can we recommend it, but it is the only therapy we […]

Cupping is latest Olympic fad

Contagion of the red circles  > Athletes competing in the Olympics are resorting to cupping therapy in their quests for medals. But does being festooned in red and purple bruises really give a competitive edge, or are they just badges of gullibility? Known as Myofascial decompression (MFD), this is an alternative therapeutic practice involving suction […]

Winning isn’t everything – wanting to win is

The extra energy required to make another effort is the secret of winning  >  An aspiring tennis player asked a Tonic therapist for help to make her win. It reminded us of the question – How do you get to Carnegie Hall? – the answer being  ‘Practice, practice, practice‘. Professionals in top class sport now employee two […]