Sometimes Its Hard To Be A Woman

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

True beauty comes from within  >   One of our clients asked us to reproduce a Beauty Tips mantra she repeats every morning. Some may find the following rather quaint, but hopefully others will find it inspirational and charming. Either way, if it makes you smile – and that is the most beautiful curve on a […]

Cancer – let your faith be bigger than your fear

She believed she could so she did  >  There is nothing new in the idea that that what we think and feel can affect our well-being. To quote Winston Churchill, ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’.  This is why mind-body therapies, such as relaxation, meditation and visualisation are being used more […]

Unprotected sex beats depression

The hidden benefits of semen >  Today’s shock news is that tight jeans and fluffy hoods endanger your health. Or did you know that you can buy underwear that gives you electric shocks to banish bed sores? It is hard to read any newspaper and not find similar miracle cures, ridiculous health products or balmy medical research […]

Have a pregnant pause & relax

Facing up to prenatal panic attacks > Without wishing to encroach on Mumsnet’s domain, hypnotherapy can help with pre-natal depression. You may not have heard of this strange condition, but the NHS believes it affects one in eight pregnant women. In a case handled by one of our therapists*, the woman said she had been delighted […]

Another worry to keep you awake at night

New health fear to spook night workers >  Oh no, another thing for Tonic’s female clients to worry about.  If you work nights you could be putting your health at risk. At least according to France’s Centre for research in Epidemiology and Population Health, which says that the risk of developing breast cancer is 30% higher […]

NHS may fund hypno-births

NHS birthing budgets could fund hypnosis  >  New proposals suggest that women should be given a budget worth up to £3,0000 so that they can choose what maternity services they want to receive, including birthing pools, one to one midwife visits and hypnotherapy. Such personal budgets are already in use for the elderly, disabled and […]

I’m single because I was born that way

‘A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once’  >  All you carefree bachelors need to be afraid – very afraid. If social media is to be believed, there is a whole army of spineless blokes with Leap Year phobia who will hiding from their partners on Monday in case they pop […]

Stress danger of working from home

Warning – flexible working can make you ill   >  Until now the idea of working from home has been the holy grail in achieving work-life balance. Less stressful, more productive. But this is being called into question by research which has found that such flexible working practices can do more harm than good, as […]

Get out your crayons and chill

Colouring-in therapy is all the rage  >  There is a stress therapy derided by many as mindless, dumping-down and childish silliness, and yet Tonic therapists love it. Adult colouring-in books are being heralded as the latest weapon against stress and women – yes, mostly women – are buying them in the thousands. In case you […]