By Taming My Dragons

How to tame a thunderstorm phobia

It is not only our pets and kids who cower in storms  >  With the very hot spell destined to end soon, anxiety if growing among some of our clients about the inevitable thunderstorms which will follow. If this is you, you are an astraphobiac who feel anxious during a thunderstorm even when though the […]

Reflexology used in mental health

Psychiatric reflexology tested > Reflexologist Keith  Moore spent twelve months providing reflexology to patients in mental health services at a hospital in Hastings. The following are extracts from an article first published in the CNHC journal,  in which he reflects on his experiences … I worked in mental health services previously and wanted to pursue […]

Trapped emotions are energy zappers

Energy healers target your subconscious > If you are emotionally distressed and yet still have the strength to be trendy, then energy therapy is for you. Leaving aside the minor inconvenience that there is no proof energy healing works, you can impress your friends with how fashionable you are while giving your emotions the freedom […]

Warning – marriage is a leading cause of divorce

Nagging therapy could save your life  > Two of our Bloggers responded to our previous Posting about how anger can cause a fatal heart attack, by pointing out that marriage prevents heart disease! Some may say that is too high a price to pay, but their advice is based on research which has found that […]

Good morning – let the stress begin

If stressed burned calories you would be a super model!  >  Maybe, but what is certain is the connection between negative emotions and physical health is undisputed. A specific example is the link between anger and the occurrence of heart disease, but how can this be the case if emotions are all in the head […]

Guide to therapy insurance

Are you insured for complementary therapy?  > We are regularly asked by our clients whether their private healthcare insurance will cover hypnotherapy. The quick answer is that it is essential to check your cover before committing to or paying for any complementary therapy treatment if want to reimbursement. Navigating through the complexities of medical insurance […]

Log out. Shut down. Do yoga

Yoga – because punching people is frowned upon!  >   There is a new trend for using hypnotherapy as a yogic practice. There is no shortage of web sites selling such yoga therapy on the basis that the combination will take your body to a state of deep relaxation. One web service promoting hypnotic yoga, claims that […]

A ton of worry will not pay an ounce of debt

Rent burden adding to student stress  >  If you are an average university student, then you are probably becoming ever more anxious and stressed as a result of your housing costs. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about already! According to a new survey, student accommodation is consuming on average £131 of your […]

Prepare for spermageddon

When you feel worthless, remember you were once the quickest sperm We don’t want to worry you, but the human race is dying out. Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that male sperm counts had fallen by almost 60% in 40 years. In fact, across the world sperm counts are falling so fast […]

Warning- don’t stress your immune cells

The proof – stress causes physical illness >  A study has identified how stress damages the cells that protect our bodies against infection diseases, resulting in physical illness. The researchers have established how stress affects the defence chemicals that fight off bacteria or viruses, thus amplifying inflammatory and allergic reactions such as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma […]