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Lifestyle guides boost wellbeing

Royal Society praises role of CNHC registrants  >   The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has recognised that practitioners registered with Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council support public health by encouraging their clients to make positive lifestyle changes that could improve their health and wellbeing.  This recognition is important to Tonic as all our therapists […]

Complementary therapy gains respect

Supplementing mainstream healthcare  >  Well-regulated and professional complementary healthcare therapies can offer benefits both to patients and health professionals. This is the view of the CNHC’s chief executive writing in the current edition of the New Statesman. The following is an extract from that report …. ‘This month the Royal Society for Public Health will […]

Is positive thinking glamorous?

The beauty of therapy >  Glamour & Fashion are not gossip subjects among Tonic’s down-to-earth consultants. We are not famed for what we wear so we are intrigued to receive an invite from Glamour magazine’s Beauty & Lifestyle editor to contribute an article about why positive thinking is so beneficial.  The following is how the […]