RNT & RNT and RNT again!

‘Worry & rumination are the enemies to living in the present moment‘  >  The medical world is bedevilled by acronyms, the purpose of which is to add mystique or respectability to obscure treatments. Complementary therapies are as guilty as the rest, with the latest contender being RNT. Until now this stood for Reactive Neuromuscular Training […]

Help for snore bores

Why is it the one who snores goes to sleep first?  >  Good question and one asked by many of our exasperated insomnia clients. In seeking a solution let us get down to basics – snoring is caused by the way in which you breathe at night. The muscles in your throat become more relaxed […]

Don’t lose sleep over insomnia

Strategy to sleep well > For many of our clients sleeping like a baby is an impossible dream. How they wish for a restorative and natural good night’s sleep, to awaken refreshed, relaxed and energised with a clear head. But for them the reality is disturbed nights, snatched sleep and visits to the toilet. Or just […]

Another worry to keep you awake at night

New health fear to spook night workers >  Oh no, another thing for Tonic’s female clients to worry about.  If you work nights you could be putting your health at risk. At least according to France’s Centre for research in Epidemiology and Population Health, which says that the risk of developing breast cancer is 30% higher […]

Coffee is not a hug in a mug

Should coffee not be your cup of tea?   >  Every day we Brits drink 70 million cups of coffee. Scary, and the problem is even worse the other side of the pond. As Ronald Reagan said, “ I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon!” Coffee together with […]

Stay awake to fall asleep

Reverse psychology aids sleeping  >   A medical researcher at the University of Glasgow, assembled two groups of volunteers and monitored their sleep for two weeks.  One group was asked to spend each night trying to stay awake for as long as possible, while the other group did not receive any special instructions. Those trying to […]

Snore wars blamed for divorce

‘The one who snores will fall asleep first‘ > Snoring wars sounds like a joke, but a report out this week claims they are destroying marriages.  Partners of snorers are desperate to get a good night’s sleep and as a result they often develop a habit that can be devastating to their marriage – they […]