Science To The Rescue From Pain

If exercise hurts – exercise

‘It’s raining, it’s pouring, my pain levels are soaring’  > So said a caller struggling with arthritic pain on a wet cold morning. In fact, in the US this is arthritis awareness month, though in Britain it was concertinaed into a week. Maybe the length of these awareness events is dictated by population size! Either way […]

MPS – A needless or needleless therapy?

Is a dolphin better than a Ibuprophen?  >  Chronic pain wears down the very soul. The resulting depression is the catalyst for many cries for help to acupuncturists, Tonic’s hypnotherapists and so many other complementary therapists offering a range of pain reduction treatments. So maybe we should welcome a technique claiming to be more effective […]

If you rest you rust

‘Come on inner peace – I don’t have all day‘ > We are all in a rush and yet finding time to chill is important. Thankfully many of us have discovered our own path to inner calm, such as meditation to sooth the brain and exercises for bodily relaxation, but what about the Feldenkrais Method with […]

Jury out on fascia therapy

‘Myofascial release cures chronic pain’ – says who?  > Media hype would have you believe that fascia therapy is a cure-all treatment for chronic pain. It is not.  For the uninitiated, fascia* are the webs of fibrous connective tissue so beloved by chiropractors. Myofascial Release (MFR), to give this variant therapy its pseudo-medical name, claims […]

First deep brain surgery using hypnosis

Hypnosis used to manage pain during brain surgery  > Surgeons have completed the world’s first deep brain surgery using hypnosis instead of an anaesthetic to control the patient’s pain. Doctors carried out the deep brain stimulation procedure to cure the 73-year-old patient’s severe trembling hands. In the six-hour operation, the brain regions which are responsible […]

You are not a hypochondriac – you really are ill

‘Your sickness is all in your mind’  > Your doctor may think you are a hypochondriac but it is unlikely that you will be given such a blunt diagnosis. The problem is that if there is no obvious physical cause for your symptoms, trying to get a diagnosis or effective treatment can be a nightmare. The […]

Breakthrough in back pain therapy?

‘Back pain is youth leaving my body‘  > So bemoaned a client seeking pain management hypnotherapy for her lumbago. Often described as a Cinderella condition, there is little that is romantic about back pain. It is common, debilitating and while other more fashionable illnesses benefit from high-profile research and funding, it niggles away costing time […]

Your attitude is your best pain management tool

Danger of using unknown pain treatments  >  A client who phoned requesting help managing pain, asked if we could use today’s Blog to explain the Crasilneck Bombardment Technique. The answer is ‘no’ as we have never heard of it! There is very little on the subject on the internet except for a single and much […]