Things To Stop

Is shopping cheaper than a psychiatrist?

Shopping addiction has had a facelift  >  Addicted to shopping?  Never! You are in fact suffering from a far more serious condition called oniochalasia. Hope that makes you feel better, though you would be advised to check on its pronunciation before boasting about your affliction to friends. The good news is that your problem can […]

When your heart cries out for help

New stratagies for heart attack victims >   There have been some amazing advances in treating heart problems. For example, researchers at the Hohenstein Institute in Germany have developed a vest fitted with cooling pads for use during a cardiac arrest. The ability to react quickly in the case of a serious medical emergency can be vital. […]

A nag a day keeps the doctor away

Nag, nag, nag, nag  >  Oh dear, some bad news for our henpecked clients as it seems nagging is good for you.  Research shows that unhappily married men have a lower risk of developing diabetes and a higher chance of successful treatment if they do develop it. A researcher explained,  “Since diabetes is affected by […]

Quit smoking or die trying

‘Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times‘ >  So said Mark Twain who would have been a prime target for the NHS Stopober campaign which launches this month with the aim of getting smokers to kick their habit in 28 days. An annual […]

New hope for young hair-pullers

Research into kids’ rough hair pulling   > The results of a study into non-pharmacological treatment for children with trichotillomania has been released. Young suffers who were treated using a hypnotherapy technique incorporating relaxation and mental imagery, showed significant improvements. Two patients reported complete resolution of their complaints after eight weeks and one patient after […]

Red wine therapy – I’ll drink to that

Red wine clue to curing illness >  Having pleaded with our clients to stop blogging about the benefits of chocolate – who is kidding who! – you will be delighted to know that it is now also OK to drink red wine. A potent daily supplement pill has moved a step closer after scientists discovered how […]

Coffee is not a hug in a mug

Should coffee not be your cup of tea?   >  Every day we Brits drink 70 million cups of coffee. Scary, and the problem is even worse the other side of the pond. As Ronald Reagan said, “ I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon!” Coffee together with […]

Can you break your digital diet?

Striking a balance between life & technology    >   Do you have  internet addiction or do you have a 200-a-day selfie habit? How often do we see young people sitting in groups and not communicating, going to the cinema and glued instead to Facebook, treating themselves to a restaurant meal and never actually talking.  The […]

Pubs are good for us – we’ll drink to that!

Pub therapy makes you happy & healthy  >   We launch the month with some good news.  According to an Oxford anthropologist it is healthy to visit the pub. Robin Dunbar, who also is a professor in evolutionary psychologist, says that regular visits to your local not only benefit your social life, but improve your health […]

Email notifications are ‘toxic source of stress’

‘It’s quicker, easier & involves less licking’, but ……. We live in a society where thanks to app technology we feel we must constantly be available for work – and yet research tells us that a secret to happiness is to ignore your endless stream of emails.  Psychologists warn that technology which enables us to […]