Growing old is mandatory – growing up is optional

‘Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternative‘ > So said Maurice Chevalier, but let us get real – when the years mount up so do physical and mental challenges. Fortunately the younger generation are industrious, ensuring pensions are funded and they keep finding new ways to keep the oldies going for […]

Reborn grandparents have all the fun

Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they hadn’t thought of yet Stress or what! It is the school holidays and the grandchildren have come to stay, together with in-depth notes of all the ways they can be entertained, most of which involve forking out shed loads of money. What their parents […]

Loneliness is the ultimate poverty

‘Better to be lonely alone than lonely in a crowd’  > So bemoaned one of our forever young clients. In fact, unfriendly London is the capital of loneliness with 90% of older people in the capital saying they feel isolated. A survey* has found that where you live affects how likely you are to feel […]

Your ageing brain has more to learn

Old brains can still learn >  Our older Tonic clients often bemoan their failing memories. ‘I have a bad memory, but don’t ask me how I know’, quipped one.  And yet neuroscientists are finding that as we get older our aging brains are proving surprisingly malleable, though there are limitations. Contrary to popular belief, as far […]

Seventy is the new 60

The secret to happiness – get old!  >  Contrary to a popular held belief, good physical health is no key to happiness. High blood pressure and aching limbs are no barrier to happiness, according to a study that finds the post-WW2 baby boomers are more cheerful as they hit 70 than they were at 60. In […]