A book is a dream you can hold in your hands

Often a little reading is all the therapy you need  >  Awareness of psychological and emotional wellbeing has never been more trendy, with bookshop shelves groaning under the number of tomes on sale. As the choice is intimidating, here are five new therapy books which our clients have found helpful … First up is comedian […]

RNT & RNT and RNT again!

‘Worry & rumination are the enemies to living in the present moment‘  >  The medical world is bedevilled by acronyms, the purpose of which is to add mystique or respectability to obscure treatments. Complementary therapies are as guilty as the rest, with the latest contender being RNT. Until now this stood for Reactive Neuromuscular Training […]

All life is problem solving

Life is problems – living is solving them  >  Can hypnotherapy be used to solve practical problems? The quick answer is ‘yes’ and Problem-Solving Therapy in particular takes a heuristic approach*. PST, which dates back to the early 1970s as a sub-genre of cognitive-behavioural therapy, takes a relatively simple, action-oriented and pragmatic approach to therapy. […]

Learn to wait – things will fall into place

Good things come to those who wait (even buses!)  >  We were criticised that our previous Posting about bus stop therapy, failed to mention the meditation bus being trialled in New York. Sorry. There are a 1000 + Postings on this Blog and until now not one has mentioned the value of bus therapy – […]

Love your enemies – they’ll hate it!

‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer‘  > So goes the old proverb, but maybe it is time to rewrite it as …. ‘keep your friends close and your enemies not quite so close‘ as toxic relationships are being linked to depression, cancer and heart disease. According to the latest research*, relationships may be […]

Join the social medicine revolution

Lifestyle medicine will change the way we think about health >  Tonic predicts that social medicine will be the hip therapy phrase in 2018. The concept is hardly new but it is grabbing the media’s attention, not so much as a way of solving our ills, but as a way of reducing the pressure on the […]

Don’t start the New Year with a toxic detox

Restart your life the American way  >   If you are still scratching your head to find a wacky New Year’s Resolution to impress your friends – green juicing is so last year – then how about making 2018 your Judgment Detox year? OK, it is medical nonsense, which like your friends’ resolutions will be forgotten […]

Heart-brain link key to stress free life

Listen to your heart, not your head > This age old advice remains true in these troubled times and yet it is easier said than done. Throughout most of your day you won’t even notice your heartbeat at all. This is because your brain masks the sensation of your heart, except when your pulse races […]

Trauma in early life changes your future

Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness  >  Living in troubled times we have become well acquainted with the term Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which happens to people who have experienced something extremely frightening, or witnessed something terrible happening. People take time to get over a traumatic event, but with PTSD, suffers are unable to move […]

‘Stiff upper lip’ approach to trauma

Trauma victims told  … ‘it is healthier to just get on with life, rather than pouring out your hearts to therapists’ A Manchester charity has offered free counselling to people affected by the recent terror attack.  Talk, Listen, Change (TLC) said the face to face appointments were available to Stockport residents. A spokesman for this emotional […]