Join the social medicine revolution

Lifestyle medicine will change the way we think about health >  Tonic predicts that social medicine will be the hip therapy phrase in 2018. The concept is hardly new but it is grabbing the media’s attention, not so much as a way of solving our ills, but as a way of reducing the pressure on the […]

Luck is believing you are lucky

Miracles are happening all around you – you only have to stop and look to find them. The problem is that most of us hold on to our comfort blankets, being contented in our humdrum existence. We go through life doing the same things, blinkers on, just putting one foot in front of the other, […]

Heart-brain link key to stress free life

Listen to your heart, not your head > This age old advice remains true in these troubled times and yet it is easier said than done. Throughout most of your day you won’t even notice your heartbeat at all. This is because your brain masks the sensation of your heart, except when your pulse races […]

In the mood for mood food

Facial mapping puts you in the mood for food  >  If you crave emotional well-being and have no time for complementary therapies, how about facial mapping? Sounds improbably, but this innovation is a progression on mood-mapping technology, which judges your emotional state and suggest the optimum meal for you to eat. It is tempting to […]

Is the NHS wasting money on e-therapies?

Online therapy offers cost savings  >  Too often Tonic is classified as an e-therapy, when in fact we only use the internet as a first contact portal for one-to-one therapy via the phone. However, a study has found that there is an urgent need for e-therapies to be properly evaluated to reduce wasted investment on […]

We were happier when apple & blackberry were just fruits

‘I’m stressed because my watch tells me I am’ >  The fad of wearable tech grows apace, fuelled by promises that it will improve not only your step count but your emotional wellbeing. A perfect present for the gullible. Sold under the ghastly branding of ‘mindful wearables’, you can now buy therapeutic tech bracelets which […]

Trauma does not ‘have to be a life sentence’

Fresh approach to trauma therapy >  A client this week asked for advice about Somatic Experiencing (SE). This is promoted as a non-invasive therapeutic intervention for trauma sufferers. Based on research into animal behaviour, it was developed by Peter Levine as a way of using our natural nervous system responses to relieve physical and emotional […]

Health app discovered by accident

App therapy for obesity & anxiety  >   The reincarnation of Pokémon game has come under fire, including criticism from the NSPCC. However, many players are counterattacking claiming the app has helped their mental health, mood, social anxiety and depression. Typical Twitter comments are that PokemonGO … ‘actually makes me want to leave my room and […]

Health apps doomed to fail

Human touch always trumps health apps  >  Kumu is a health and feel-good app which matches you with a wellness coach who creates personalised goals. You can then keep in touch with your coach via your smartphone using unlimited texts, picture messages and a monthly video chat. With a ghastly phrase like ‘wellness coach’ you […]

Online advice claims to solve stress

Stressed? Try crowdsourced online advice   >    In our never ending quest to bring you the latest innovations in complementary healthcare, here are three high-tech ideas coming out of the USA. First up are two anonymous social media crowdsource therapies.  Paralign and Koko are social media apps that enable users to anonymously post their […]