Art is therapy & therapy is an art

‘Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist‘.  >  So said artist Eileen Miller, and art for health sake is indeed a well proven therapy for mental and emotional wellbeing. The British Association of Art Therapists defines art therapy as, “A form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary […]

A book is a dream you can hold in your hands

Often a little reading is all the therapy you need  >  Awareness of psychological and emotional wellbeing has never been more trendy, with bookshop shelves groaning under the number of tomes on sale. As the choice is intimidating, here are five new therapy books which our clients have found helpful … First up is comedian […]

Relax, refresh, recharge – spa

Why limit happy to an hour?  >  A client told us how she treated herself to an hour in her local spa, but decided to impress her friends by saying she was having balneotherapy as it sounded more impressive. Her one-upmanship backfired when one friend said she had had a mayan steam bath, while another boasted […]

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted

Rich people buy time – poor people sell time  >  This may be an uncomfortable truth, but it appears rich people are failing to buy enough time through sub-contracting their chores to make themselves truly happy. Presumably this is making poorer people even more unhappy as they have less work! This is all part of the […]

Be happy – it drives people crazy

Take no pleasure in being pleasure averse >  Tonic has finally found a phobia it cannot cure. We specialise in bringing happiness back into people’s lives, including helping them get rid of pesky fears, so how do we help someone who has an aversion to happiness? Admittedly, our therapists have only encountered one case of […]

Unplug yourself – restart life

Most things in our homes will work again if they are unplugged for a few minutes and switched on again. Including you. Meditation is a great for stress relief. It stops your mind working overtime, brings inner peace and focuses your grey matter on issues that really matter. What’s more it is simple, free and […]

Luck is believing you are lucky

Miracles are happening all around you – you only have to stop and look to find them. The problem is that most of us hold on to our comfort blankets, being contented in our humdrum existence. We go through life doing the same things, blinkers on, just putting one foot in front of the other, […]

Just relax and accept the crazy

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it  >  In this crazy world there is never a shortage of health advice in the Media – the only problem is that most is conflicting. Whether coffee and red wine are good or bad for you is a question of which day you […]

Kindness is a happiness paradoxes

Become happy by making others happier  > This is a weird thought, and yet according to numerous studies the best way to achieve your own personal goals is to lay them aside and help others. Kindness makes you happy – for examples … chronic back pain suffers who help other sufferers can actually decreased the […]

Think positive & positive things will happen

Train your mind to see good in every situation  >  Over recent years researchers have found new and scientifically proven ways to increase positive emotions and thus well-being. The five techniques detailed below are making the headlines as they have a good track record in boosting positive emotions. Some do require commitment and practice, but hopefully […]