I owe, I owe – so off to work I go!

Here’s to another day of outward smiles and inward rage  >   … so it is back to work for the start of another year. And if you were depressed at work in 2017 then there is nothing to stop it happening all over again. As one Tonic client put it, “I feels as though I’m […]

Walk & talk ecotherapy improves mental health

‘One step at the time is good walking‘ – So says an ancient proverb and indeed it has been proved that walking improves physical and mental health.  On this basis we should all embrace the latest fad for walk and talk ecotherapy. Not only can we recommend it, but it is the only therapy we […]

News is a depressant drug which is addictive

News is to the mind what sugar is to cancer  >   If you struggle to understand that statement, the argument is that news is toxic. Take two examples: In 2016 we are bombarded with negative images and depressing news over which we have no control. News was dominated by stories about how people had […]

How to change a change allergy

‘The only constant is change‘  > This Greek truism is all well and good unless you are a tropophobiac, who fears moving *.  The whole world seems to be on the move, but on a personal level even moving schools, jobs, home town, relationships and so on can be daunting. These are lifestyle changes, and […]

Paranoia over electro signals

Are you allergic to the world?  >  In case you are short of things to worry about, now is the time to fear your hair dryer.  Also, according to the tabloid Press, you are under threat from your internet router, TV, cordless and mobile phones and even your toaster *. You can’t even escape outdoors […]

Unhappy because life is good

The better life gets, the more we moan >  We may be earning more and living longer, but for many of us personal satisfaction levels are falling. In fact, it appears the more life gets better, the more we turn into a nation of whingers. The Office for National Statistics has found that as the […]

A gut reaction to wind problem

Sick? The answer may be blowing in the wind  >   Modernity has always been the cause of health paranoia.  When the ‘infernal combustion engine’ started powering cars, a man had to walk ahead holding a red flag. When home phones came on the market, the public was warned against installing them because the signals would […]

Help – my phone is killing me!

Wi-Fi phobia on the increase  > More and more of us are so wedded to our mobile technology that we suffer from nomophobia, which is the fear of being out of phone contact.  This anxiety is compounded by the even worse terror of actually losing your mobile device. But there is also the opposite anxiety […]

Hold your breath – air can kill you!

Air in your home could be making you ill   >  So many of the people Tonic’s therapists help are worn down by things they have no control over. The unrelenting depressing news on TV, endangered species, climate change, poverty and so on. So apologies for mentioning it, but here comes another one. From using your […]