Trapped emotions are energy zappers

Energy healers target your subconscious > If you are emotionally distressed and yet still have the strength to be trendy, then energy therapy is for you. Leaving aside the minor inconvenience that there is no proof energy healing works, you can impress your friends with how fashionable you are while giving your emotions the freedom […]

This is a reminder – you are amazing

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted >  At the time of writing this Blog there is an attractive girl standing outside our Tonic offices holding a placard reading ‘free hugs’. In a deluded moment I thought it was a personal invitation, but sadly she was taking part in a Random […]

Good morning – let the stress begin

If stressed burned calories you would be a super model!  >  Maybe, but what is certain is the connection between negative emotions and physical health is undisputed. A specific example is the link between anger and the occurrence of heart disease, but how can this be the case if emotions are all in the head […]

Art is therapy & therapy is an art

‘Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist‘.  >  So said artist Eileen Miller, and art for health sake is indeed a well proven therapy for mental and emotional wellbeing. The British Association of Art Therapists defines art therapy as, “A form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary […]

One man’s daydreaming is another man’s day

‘I try to daydream but my mind keeps wandering!‘  > So joked one of our clients who was seeking help with his lack of concentration. At times we have all felt mentally somewhere else and, as long as we are not doing something safety critical, it is both a pleasant experience and a useful coping […]

Benefits of having friends who are NOT just like you

Friendship is about finding people who are your kind of crazy  > Having a large network of friends has many advantages, especially when it comes to offering support when you are miserable. Maybe a true friend can be defined as someone who can see the truth and pain in you, even when you are fooling everyone […]

A book is a dream you can hold in your hands

Often a little reading is all the therapy you need  >  Awareness of psychological and emotional wellbeing has never been more trendy, with bookshop shelves groaning under the number of tomes on sale. As the choice is intimidating, here are five new therapy books which our clients have found helpful … First up is comedian […]

If you rest you rust

‘Come on inner peace – I don’t have all day‘ > We are all in a rush and yet finding time to chill is important. Thankfully many of us have discovered our own path to inner calm, such as meditation to sooth the brain and exercises for bodily relaxation, but what about the Feldenkrais Method with […]

RNT & RNT and RNT again!

‘Worry & rumination are the enemies to living in the present moment‘  >  The medical world is bedevilled by acronyms, the purpose of which is to add mystique or respectability to obscure treatments. Complementary therapies are as guilty as the rest, with the latest contender being RNT. Until now this stood for Reactive Neuromuscular Training […]

Therapy to put colour in your cheeks

If you are off-colour you may be feeling blue >  Tonic has always admitted that a face-to-face consultation is better than therapy-by-phone. But needs must in a fast moving society where time is at a premium. A lot can be learnt from a voice, but so much more can be learnt from reading a face. […]