Forever Young

Rich man – poor man, sick man – healthy man

‘I’m one step away from being rich – all I need now is money‘  > Too true but does money buy health, as there is a widely held belief that holistic medicine is only for the worried well middle classes? It is true that holistic therapy clients and users of complementary health treatments come from […]

If exercise hurts – exercise

‘It’s raining, it’s pouring, my pain levels are soaring’  > So said a caller struggling with arthritic pain on a wet cold morning. In fact, in the US this is arthritis awareness month, though in Britain it was concertinaed into a week. Maybe the length of these awareness events is dictated by population size! Either way […]

If you rest you rust

‘Come on inner peace – I don’t have all day‘ > We are all in a rush and yet finding time to chill is important. Thankfully many of us have discovered our own path to inner calm, such as meditation to sooth the brain and exercises for bodily relaxation, but what about the Feldenkrais Method with […]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

True beauty comes from within  >   One of our clients asked us to reproduce a Beauty Tips mantra she repeats every morning. Some may find the following rather quaint, but hopefully others will find it inspirational and charming. Either way, if it makes you smile – and that is the most beautiful curve on a […]

Awareness through movement

Learn to walk on air to happiness >  Risking our readers thinking Tonic has a foot fetish, we want to talk about your feet again. This is because a caller criticised our last Posting about foot therapy for not mentioning the Feldenkrais Method. With a mantra that ‘standing is harder than walking’, with this therapy […]

Growing old is mandatory – growing up is optional

‘Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternative‘ > So said Maurice Chevalier, but let us get real – when the years mount up so do physical and mental challenges. Fortunately the younger generation are industrious, ensuring pensions are funded and they keep finding new ways to keep the oldies going for […]

Luck is believing you are lucky

Miracles are happening all around you – you only have to stop and look to find them. The problem is that most of us hold on to our comfort blankets, being contented in our humdrum existence. We go through life doing the same things, blinkers on, just putting one foot in front of the other, […]

Reborn grandparents have all the fun

Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they hadn’t thought of yet Stress or what! It is the school holidays and the grandchildren have come to stay, together with in-depth notes of all the ways they can be entertained, most of which involve forking out shed loads of money. What their parents […]

Just relax and accept the crazy

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it  >  In this crazy world there is never a shortage of health advice in the Media – the only problem is that most is conflicting. Whether coffee and red wine are good or bad for you is a question of which day you […]

Driven crazy by fidget sinners

Therapists in a spin over latest playground craze  >  Never let it be said that Tonic’s therapists are old fuddy-duddies not open to new ideas. If you have a child old enough to sling a yo-yo, then you will know all about the fidget spinner craze sweeping across school playgrounds. Unless you are a teacher […]