Say boo and scary on

Be afraid, be very afraid >  Spooks, ghosts, aggressive trick & treaters and haunted pumpkins are coming to your neighbourhood. Poor old Guy Hawkes is no longer fashionable with 5th November celebrations squeezed out by the high cost of fireworks and insurance for public bonfires. In comes Halloween, the ghastly usurper from the States with its […]

Are you safe from rogue clowns?

Creepy clown craze unmasked >  > An outbreak of clowns spooking our children has spread across the country. The fad has led to a deluge of calls to helplines from youngsters left terrified by the sinister phenomenon. The NSPCC said Scotland’s two Childline bases had conducted 22 counselling sessions to help frightened youngsters since the […]

Fear not – Friday 13th is just another day

Beating superstitions > Don’t look now but it is Friday 13th! So have you tied a frog around your child’s neck to make breathing easier, or swallowed three live minnows to prevent whooping cough? Or did you shiver today without a cause because someone has walked over your grave? Guess not, but I bet you ancestors […]

Irrational beliefs make us more successful

Fingers crossed – superstitions work  >   Superstition is the irrational belief that something has the power to influence an outcome, when there is no logical connection between them. Before you scoff, most of us are a little superstitious and many treasure lucky charms like a four-leafed clover or shamrock. Researchers have found that people who […]

Keep calm & say farewell to L-plates

Ditch the lucky charms on driving test day  >    Tonic’s therapists have great success in calming nerves and instilling confidence prior to driving tests. Prior to calling us we know many superstitious learner drivers have resorted to all sorts of weird and wonderful rituals to make sure they get to ditch the L-plates. The list […]

Fingers crossed – you’ll survive Friday 13th

How to face up to the Daddy of all superstitions  >  Don’t get out of bed. Pull up your duvet, take a sickie and put all your efforts into surviving today – the dreaded Friday 13th. Mark you, if you are reading this you have survived the same event back in September, but heh, it […]