How to tame a thunderstorm phobia

It is not only our pets and kids who cower in storms  >  With the very hot spell destined to end soon, anxiety if growing among some of our clients about the inevitable thunderstorms which will follow. If this is you, you are an astraphobiac who feel anxious during a thunderstorm even when though the […]

You forget the fear of heights when you cannot fall

No-one is afraid of heights – only the fear of falling  >   Tonic had a call from a lady in great distress. This is her story …. “As a surprise wedding anniversary present my husband bought us a tiny hideaway flat at the top of a skyscraper in London. A lovely mega-expensive gesture, but when […]

A gut reaction to hypnosis

April is IBS Awareness month > Irritable Bowel Syndrome is indeed a serious condition, but to grab an entire month rather than having the usual Awareness Day seems a tad greedy, as the multitude of other illnesses will have to be squeezed into the remaining eleven! IBS is one of the most common digestive conditions […]

There are two types of pedestrians – the quick & the dead

Pedestrians must not confuse ‘right of way’ with ‘immortality!  >  At Tonic we love curing phobias and the weirder the better. Not only are they interesting, but they are easy and quick to resolve which makes our work rewarding. So we’ll allow this particular client tell his problem in his own words …. “Please don’t […]

Excuses don’t get results

‘My summer body is in progress’ >  Well, let us hope so, but at least you know what makes you fat – eating more in calories than you can burn off in energy. In defiance of the over-bloated slimming industry, there are two free and easy solutions. Eat less and exercise more is top of […]

Compassion is the fashion for when your time is up

More help for end of life patients  > Our sister company tonicclinic, which specialises in helping clients with terminal conditions, reports a growing interest in how society handles the dying and the dead. Hardly an inspirational subject, but as ‘nothing is certain except for death and taxes‘ it is good that something all of us […]

Online therapy comes of age

Online therapy no threat to face-to-face counselling > Ever increasing NHS waiting lists coupled with our time-poor lifestyles are fuelling the phenomenal growth in videochats, counselling apps, text-based counselling (Talkspace), phone therapy (telepsychology) and the alike. Immediate access to people who care has great appeal! The on-line counselling service PlusGuidance, the doctor app Babylon, the US-based […]

‘Happiness is an inside job’

The romance of bus stop therapy  > In our never ending quest to publicise the latest high tech ways to chill, how about giving bus stop light therapy a go? OK, standing in a depressing bus shelter maybe not be your ideal way to boost your mood, but then again you don’t live in Sweden […]

Food is both fuel & therapy

Farewell to a beige diet  >  This Christmas lunch will be very special for a Manchester mum thanks to the inspired work of a hypnotherapist. It will be the first time Amy Millington has not hidden in her room while her family gorge in the dining room. Until a few weeks ago she was so […]

Silence speaks volumes

Earmuffs at the ready – here comes the next phobia > Congratulations, you are officially a Halloween survivor and overcame all the associated phobias which we itemised in our previous Posting. But if you are a hard-core phobiac, this is no time to relax with Guy Fawkes night coming up. Most advice focuses on how […]