Never stop looking up

‘The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to‘  >  A Tonic therapist was reminded of this saying by a client seeking an escape from crippling loneliness. Though many of us find peace or tranquillity by looking up, for others our celestial friend engenders fear and dread. Fear of the moon is known as […]

‘A’ words feared by phobiacs

‘Fear is not real.  It is the product of fears you create.  Danger is very real, but fear is a choice’. Tonic’s therapists use this saying when helping clients overcome their irrational fears. We deal with many weird and wonderful phobias, or at least they are strange from the perspective of observers, but oh too […]

News is a depressant drug which is addictive

News is to the mind what sugar is to cancer  >   If you struggle to understand that statement, the argument is that news is toxic. Take two examples: In 2016 we are bombarded with negative images and depressing news over which we have no control. News was dominated by stories about how people had […]

Anxiety is not all doom & gloom

Doomed, we are all doomed   >  In these turbulent times it is hardly surprising that so many of us feel weighed down with a sense of impending doom. If you have full blown fear of death (thanatophobia) or simply are a worry guts, it is important to understand that behaving in an apprehensive manner activates […]

At the root of jealousy is fear & sadness

Don’t be a slave to envy >  The view in our previous Posting that jealousy is a sign of insecurity and lack of self-confidence, attracted criticism.  Many callers disputed that jealousy is an irrational emotion. The problem is that callers to Tonic rarely give ‘jealousy’ as the cause of their misery, even though it is […]

Don’t let fear make you paranoid

‘I’m not paranoid – people ARE after me’!   >               So said a Tonic client and he is not alone as so many of us are so anxious that we live in fear of something bad happening. Look no further than end-timers (eschatology) and survivalists whose No1 motivation in life is to survive an unknown threat. At the top […]