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Therapy-by-phone comes of age

Tonic in the news >   The corona virus lockdown is acting as a barrier to anxious patients visiting their therapists at a time when they are needed more than ever. As a result the spotlight is falling on a solution which has been frowned on for years. Therapy-by-phone. More than a decade ago Tonic launched […]

A natural mood booster during lockdown

The ultimate pick-me-up – nature  > At a time when so many of us are facing a heightened sense of threat, as well as genuine worries about our future, maybe we should turn to nature for help. We are living through the Perfect Storm for anxiety. The pandemic has destroyed normality and thrown us into […]

People in need, need people

Remote therapy has its limitations >  Face-to-face therapies have ended across Britain. During COVID-19 lockdown those seeking help have to resort to electronic communications and video links. This inability to meet therapists has shone the spotlight on video therapy chats, counselling apps, text-based counselling and, of course, agencies like Tonic which offer therapy-by-phone. It is a […]

Lockdown – crisis or a new beginning?

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass – it’s learning how to dance in the rain. Have you had enough of smug do-gooders telling you how to be happy? Such preaching is particularly irritating in the current COVID-19 lockdown, when anxiety levels are understandably. Most of these feel-good gurus are ultimately trying […]

Coronavirus helps us count our blessings

And now for some coronavirus good news!  >  There is an anxiety pandemic and with this coronavirus the concern is justified. But, as in most major disasters, tragedies and public health threats, there are reasons for optimism. Not that it is easy to find them, even if you are a cup-half-full rather than it-could-be-worse type […]

Jigsaw your way out of anxiety

Puzzling therapy is an antidote to self-isolation misery  > During the coronavirus lockdown our world is closing in on us and we seek new ways to relieve boredom. Strange things are happening, like talking to each other! Or having family meals together and digging out long forgotten games, like Monopoly. (Oh, how we have forgotten […]

Faith – the ultimate therapy

Coronavirus faith healers under attack  >  Faith healing has not covered by this blog, as it is does not fit comfortably within the term ‘therapy’. We only examine it today as faith healers are jumping on the coronavirus cures bandwagon. Critics say they are simply exploiting people’s fear. Two examples are grabbing the headlines. The […]

April Fool’s therapy is not for everyone

Lockdowns are boring  >  That is a fact and judging by our callers some serious boredom therapy is in order. But be warned – going overboard with your April Fool’s Day jokes is a recipe for a disaster. If they go wrong, then being trapped in a house with your victim is going to be […]


Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy  >  In an age of toilet roll wars we have had to learn a new acronym – FOMO*. If you have been buying irrationally because everyone else is doing so, then you should self-diagnose as having a Fear Of Missing Out. This is a social anxiety […]

Cease CEASE now

Calls to ban CEASE therapy  >  The Professional Standards Authority has imposed further conditions on the Society of Homeopaths. These include forbidding registrants of the Society of Homeopaths from practising CEASE autism and from making any claims regarding vaccination. CEASE therapy is a homoeopathic detoxification protocol which claims to cure autistic children *. The new […]