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Seal of approval for NHS natural health care

NHS Natural Heathcare for cancer patients  > Faced with ever increasing financial constraints, the NHS has sounded the death knell on unproven homeopathic treatments.  It thus may come as a surprise that it is still investing in natural health remedies. What is believed to be the first NHS Natural Health School has opened its doors […]

How to tame a thunderstorm phobia

It is not only our pets and kids who cower in storms  >  With the very hot spell destined to end soon, anxiety if growing among some of our clients about the inevitable thunderstorms which will follow. If this is you, you are an astraphobiac who feel anxious during a thunderstorm even when though the […]

Reflexology used in mental health

Psychiatric reflexology tested > Reflexologist Keith  Moore spent twelve months providing reflexology to patients in mental health services at a hospital in Hastings. The following are extracts from an article first published in the CNHC journal,  in which he reflects on his experiences … I worked in mental health services previously and wanted to pursue […]

Trapped emotions are energy zappers

Energy healers target your subconscious > If you are emotionally distressed and yet still have the strength to be trendy, then energy therapy is for you. Leaving aside the minor inconvenience that there is no proof energy healing works, you can impress your friends with how fashionable you are while giving your emotions the freedom […]

Thumbs down on dowsing therapy

Keep calm and listen to your pendulum  >   In a rare quiet period one of our Tonic therapists was explaining to his colleagues how he enjoyed taking his children dowsing. Rebuffing some teasing he retaliated saying ‘well at least it is better than metal detecting‘. Unfortunately another of our therapists was such an enthusiast and […]

You forget the fear of heights when you cannot fall

No-one is afraid of heights – only the fear of falling  >   Tonic had a call from a lady in great distress. This is her story …. “As a surprise wedding anniversary present my husband bought us a tiny hideaway flat at the top of a skyscraper in London. A lovely mega-expensive gesture, but when […]

If it sounds too good to be true …

New therapy cures cancer  > This statement is untrue and cruel and yet so many similar claims are being made on a daily basis. There is a saying that ‘a drowning man will clutch at a straw’ and it is unsurprising that those with the ‘Big C’ will grab hold of any lifeline however tenuous. […]

This is a reminder – you are amazing

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted >  At the time of writing this Blog there is an attractive girl standing outside our Tonic offices holding a placard reading ‘free hugs’. In a deluded moment I thought it was a personal invitation, but sadly she was taking part in a Random […]

Warning – marriage is a leading cause of divorce

Nagging therapy could save your life  > Two of our Bloggers responded to our previous Posting about how anger can cause a fatal heart attack, by pointing out that marriage prevents heart disease! Some may say that is too high a price to pay, but their advice is based on research which has found that […]

Good morning – let the stress begin

If stressed burned calories you would be a super model!  >  Maybe, but what is certain is the connection between negative emotions and physical health is undisputed. A specific example is the link between anger and the occurrence of heart disease, but how can this be the case if emotions are all in the head […]