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Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy  >  In an age of toilet roll wars we have had to learn a new acronym – FOMO*. If you have been buying irrationally because everyone else is doing so, then you should self-diagnose as having a Fear Of Missing Out. This is a social anxiety […]

Cease CEASE now

Calls to ban CEASE therapy  >  The Professional Standards Authority has imposed further conditions on the Society of Homeopaths. These include forbidding registrants of the Society of Homeopaths from practising CEASE autism and from making any claims regarding vaccination. CEASE therapy is a homoeopathic detoxification protocol which claims to cure autistic children *. The new […]

Happiness therapy to the rescue

How to turn life’s negatives into positives  >  We live in a time when every day the Media bombards us with negative news. It is ironic then that they are now headlining a story disclosing the secret of happiness. The basic idea is to accept that life is messy and difficult. The mantra is that […]

How to ease moving anxiety

The quickest way to stress your kids is to move home  >  Maybe true and certainly buying and selling your family home is enough to push up the blood pressure of even the most chilled out parents. It is an emotional time for the whole family, especially if it results from another trauma such as […]

Keep calm and Corona on

‘Hypnosis is a coronavirus cure’ > This is just one of the irresponsible claims being peddled on the internet. A new breed of snake-oil salesmen are seeking to make a fast buck out of the fears and anxiety surrounding the current pandemic. Fake news ranges from conspiracy theories -including the virus being a biological weapon […]

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

Opposites attract in therapy  >  Sometimes the unexpected approach – the opposite of what seems to be best – is the very thing that therapists can use to help a client. Instead of resisting,  encourage and redirect, so that it is possible to control the force of the problem. This approach works in many aspects […]

Don’t let the future steal your present

Being present in the moment > This is a therapy buzz phrase at the moment. It is claimed that those who live in the right now are calmer, more relaxed and thus happier.  The mantra is – ‘Depression lives in the past, anxiety lives in the future and calmness and peace of mind live in […]

It’s a fact – laugh & be well

The mind’s impact on health finally recognised  >  Only a decade ago the study of mind over matter was regarded as a pseudoscience. Today, research into the intriguing links between neuroscience and the immune system is growing apace. This inter-disciplinary area of study is known under the intimidating name of  psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI for those […]

Parents decide Highly Sensitive or Happy Sensitive child

‘Can you cure my Highly Sensitive Child?’  >  This cry for help to one of our therapists raised interesting questions. Firstly, is being a HSC an abnormality that should be treated as an illness? Secondly, in this case who is the patient – the 5-year old son or his mother? This blog is no stranger […]

If you eat – thank a farmer

Proud to be a stressed farmer  >   Our farmers are under immense pressure and suffering increasing anxiety. A perfect storm of agricultural stress has been caused by long hours working in isolation, changing consumer tastes, the climate crisis – as with the current floods – and, top of the list, financial uncertainties *. The mental […]