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For fast acting stress relief – try slowing down

Hurry, hurry, hurry for therapy on demand  >  Despite pioneering therapy-by-phone, Tonic has been accused of being old fashioned. It is true we have no-online app or an instant gratification Social Media site, but that is because we want our clients to slow down. And yet it is true the world of therapy is speeding […]

Are you hoping for a horrible day?

The bad news is that there is good news  >   Tonic has had its first call from a young person with a good news phobia. But why in this era of non-stop negativity would anyone develop such an irrational fear? The fact is euphobiacs thrive on the negative aspects of life. “The catalyst for a […]

A gut feeling that is all in the mind

‘Answer to IBS is in the brain‘  > Treating patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not something that Tonic recommends via the phone. However, as the majority of our therapists offer the service in their own clinics, they are excited by a new study which has found that the answer to IBS is all in […]

Silent killer exposed

Stress education key to a healthy life > The number of prescriptions for antidepressants has doubled in the last decade, along with soaring numbers of drugs for conditions caused by unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, last week the Royal college of Psychiatry called for use of alternatives, such as talking therapies. Fears over reliance on […]

Tribute to pioneering complementary therapist

Which Hunt praised at hospital?  > Keith Hunt MBE has retired as the Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator at the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust. Over the course of his career, Keith has dedicated much of his life’s work to setting up and running the Complementary Therapy Massage Service at the Royal Free. It all started in […]

Maths phobia does not add up

4 out of 3 people struggle with maths  > That is an old gag which still strikes true for so many with math anxiety. This is defined as a feeling of tension, apprehension or fear about the inability to do mathematics. Many claim not to like maths, but a specific dislike of brain taxing calculations, […]

X-Woman pioneers pain free world

No pain – no gain?   >  Jo Cameron does not use the Tonic pain clinic and never will. She is X-Woman – one of only two people in the world who does not feel pain thanks to a genetic mutation. We say ‘thanks to’ but is her condition a blessing or a curse? God allows […]

I want to sleep but my brain won’t stop talking to itself

‘Sleep is the best meditation‘ >  So said the Dalai Lama, which we were reminded of by a caller. “If you poke fun at the futility of the International Day to be happy, why not commemorate this being National Bed month,” she mocked! “Buy a bed and sleep your way to happiness“. It was interesting […]

Be happy – it drives people crazy

Achieving happiness is no easy feat  >  This is a statement of the obvious, unless you fell under the spell of this week’s International Day of Happiness. For the unenlightened, the founders believe happiness is a fundamental human right and thus, once a year, we should celebrate it. To Tonic this instruction is on a par to […]

Exercise improves mental health

Physical exercise good for the mind  >  Exercise is good for us is a mantra drummed into us from an early age. It can now be taken a stage further, as researchers say that it is not just good for physical health, but daily exercise also boosts our mental health and reduces stress. But what […]