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Phone Tonic if you want to live longer!

Kindness can extend your life  > At least, that is according to UCLA’s Bedari Kindness Institute which studies how people can be motivated to be kind. This can be achieved even witnessing acts of kindness – known as contagious kindness. Another institute finding that happiness helps longevity is particular poignant as today is World Kindness […]

A1 platform detects emotions in a voice

Talk and your emotion app listens  >  App start-up Empath is an AI-based platform that can detect emotion from real-time speech in any language. At the moment, the app, which has been developed in Tokyo, is restricted to one of four emotions — joy, anger, calmness and sorrow. Stress and anxiety will be added soon. […]

A negative mind does not result in a positive life

‘They are able who think they are able‘ >  So said Virgil and more recently his quote has been re-interpreted by Mahatma Gandi as, ‘“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.‘ This philosophy […]

Practical guide to debt stress therapy

How to fight back against money worries >  This Blog has never covered one of the main causes of unhappiness. Debt Stress. Our therapists can help manage money anxiety, but as the real solution is debt counselling we have left advice to the numerous agency specialising in this area. However, the country’s leading money management […]

Log off – shut down – go outside

Back to nature – back to health  >  Recent studies have shown that simply being in nature for as little as two hours a week massively increases both mental and physical wellbeing. It is thus not surprising that the NHS has been conducting pilot studies in social prescribing. These involve connecting patients with organisations and […]

‘I’m fine – I’m just allergic to the universe’

What to do if your are allergic to life  >  There is an epidemic of allergies and no one knows why. The most common are blamed on food and pollen and yet the list of what we blame for our allergic reactions seems endless. The allergy epidemic is big business with no shortage of weird […]

Phone Tonic if you want a baby boy

‘Oh boy – I must have been stressed!’   > According to a new study, stressed women are more likely to give birth to a girl. This finding appears to explain longstanding trends showing an increase in births of girls relative to boys following national traumas, such as 9/11, earthquakes, floods and the alike. The researchers* […]

The mystical world of reflexology

A therapy to walk away from    >   At Tonic we really want to like reflexology.  It is a nice experience and undoubtedly relaxing. It is this combination that leaves ‘patients’ with the impression that their problems have drifted away. If it works don’t knock it and yet our respect for this ancient therapy […]

A therapy to get you high & healthy

CBD oil claims to change lives one drop at a time > It has become popular to take CBD and hemp oils for their anti-anxiety effects. They are natural remedies which are widely available*. In particular cannabidiol oil (CBD**) is thought to promote health based on the way it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system […]

Waggy tail therapy never fails

The best stressed dog therapy is to treat its owner > This Blog has often praised the value of pets as a wonderfully natural stress reliever. And if you are a dog lover they offer the added value of keeping you fit. We were therefore rather shocked when a client said she believed her dog […]