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Dreaming is emotional first aid

Dreams are like first aid for the brain  >  For hundreds of years we have strived to interpret our dreams, refusing to believe that they are just our brains’ way of letting off steam. For a while Sigmund Freud was the High Priest of dream psychology, having us believe that dreaming was a way for […]

Sage advice from herbalists

Grow your own feel-good medicines >  Our previous Posting about the healing benefits of cannabis attracted some colourful comments from our clients. The general views was that it was impossible to make nature illegal, while one client confessed that she smoked to get high because the world is so low. There was also a lot […]

If you feel low – get high

‘It is not a drug – it is a leaf‘ >  This was a campaigning slogan shouted over the decades by those seeking to get high on cannabis. And it seems they are winning the argument with the legalise cannabis campaign gaining momentum. Only last month Canada followed the example set by many US States […]

Medicalising adolescence is result of distress epidemic

‘I miss me. The old me, the happy me, the bright me, the smiling me, the laughing me, the gone me‘. We were reminded of the above cry from the soul by two research projects which are making news this week. Both are a sad indictment of our society. The first is that tens of […]

How to overcome PND

‘Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last’  > So said Charles Dickens and yet too many new mums may not agree. Postnatal depression is on the increase and no-one seems to know why. This upwards trend is nothing new, with health visitors’ surveys finding a worrying increase in postnatal […]

Seal of approval for NHS natural health care

NHS Natural Heathcare for cancer patients  > Faced with ever increasing financial constraints, the NHS has sounded the death knell on unproven homeopathic treatments.  It thus may come as a surprise that it is still investing in natural health remedies. What is believed to be the first NHS Natural Health School has opened its doors […]

How to tame a thunderstorm phobia

It is not only our pets and kids who cower in storms  >  With the very hot spell destined to end soon, anxiety if growing among some of our clients about the inevitable thunderstorms which will follow. If this is you, you are an astraphobiac who feel anxious during a thunderstorm even when though the […]

Reflexology used in mental health

Psychiatric reflexology tested > Reflexologist Keith  Moore spent twelve months providing reflexology to patients in mental health services at a hospital in Hastings. The following are extracts from an article first published in the CNHC journal,  in which he reflects on his experiences … I worked in mental health services previously and wanted to pursue […]

Trapped emotions are energy zappers

Energy healers target your subconscious > If you are emotionally distressed and yet still have the strength to be trendy, then energy therapy is for you. Leaving aside the minor inconvenience that there is no proof energy healing works, you can impress your friends with how fashionable you are while giving your emotions the freedom […]

Thumbs down on dowsing therapy

Keep calm and listen to your pendulum  >   In a rare quiet period one of our Tonic therapists was explaining to his colleagues how he enjoyed taking his children dowsing. Rebuffing some teasing he retaliated saying ‘well at least it is better than metal detecting‘. Unfortunately another of our therapists was such an enthusiast and […]