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Never eat alone

The sadness of eating alone  >  Our previous Posting about being lonely in a crowd struck a chord with many of our silver surfers. One telling statistic we had overlooked was that one in five people over the age of 70 eat all of their main meals alone. The Royal Voluntary Service, which runs lunch clubs, says […]

Government helps those lonely in a crowd

Lonely is not being alone, it is the feeling no one cares  > The UK has a population of more than 66 million and yet it appears we are lonely. The problem is so serious that our Government is the first in the world to appoint a Minister for Loneliness. What a sad indictment of […]

Happiness is the key to success

‘Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful’. – Albert Schweitzer

Hugs beat pills for stress

Dangers of antidepressant epidemic  >  Tonic is often criticised for running an anti-drugs campaign for people suffering from stress, anxiety and mild depression. Not so. What we are against is prescribing anti-depressant pills like Smarties, when there are less dangerous and more effective alternatives, such as talking therapies and changes in lifestyle and diet. Exercise […]

In the mood for mood food

Med diet may prevent depression  >  The Media this month has been abuzz with news that eating a Mediterranean diet may help prevent depression. The claims originate from ‘Molecular Psychiatry’ journal. In case this is not on your reading list, it reports that a plant-based diet of fruit, veg, grains, fish, nuts and olive oil […]

‘My get-up-&-go has got-up-&-gone’

You can die from give-up-itis > This was a term coined in the Korean war to describe prisoners-of-war who simply lost the will to live. Now known under the more respectful name of psychogenic death, the phenomenon is recognised as a real medical condition. Today it is most common among old people living alone, or following […]

Smoking is a grave mistake

Cancer cures smoking  >  Great news for all those who failed to stop smoking in October 2017. Stoptober is back for 2018. It will be like starting a new fad diet – all good intentions but nil result. For those not familiar with Stoptober, it is an annual Public Health England jamboree to encourage smokers […]

Sorry – yesterday was the deadline for complaints 

Complaining is draining  > > All the ageist moaning minnies who responded to our previous Posting, should take note that complaining could be rewiring your brain for negativity. According to the latest research, constant whining shrinks the part of the brain critical to problem solving and intelligent thought. Much like binge drinking, complaining can be a […]

Pensioners creating a stink

Do the old smell? > Our Forever Young service has never received a call from a male – guess they are less worried about spreading wrinkles! In fact, the No 1 motivation for ladies to phone this Tonic service is simply to have some chill out time. But this week we received a plea for support […]

How to live with guilt

Life is an adventure in forgiveness > This week we successfully helped a caller with a fear of accidents (dystychiphobia) and another with a fear of driving (avehophobia). It is not surprising that such phobias are on the increase, as every day the Media bombards us with personal tragedy stories. Fate and chance take their toll, […]