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The secret world of therapies

‘Don’t tell anyone, but I use a therapist‘  >  One in three complementary medicine users choose not to mention this to their doctors. This failure to disclose could pose a risk of adverse side-effects when used in conjunction with conventional medicines. The main reason given for non-disclosure is concern that doctors will scorn or deride […]

It is never too late to go back to bed

Don’t panic! It is only the end of the world > Being alive is dangerous. If you worry even about worrying then there is a new book on the market which rationalises the top stressors in Western society *. It is written for those with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). It reassures them that the chances […]

Too early to write-off calligraphy

Colouring-in therapy is now so yesterday >  Stressed females – and sorry, most adult colouring books are bought by women – are now turning to more fashionable calligraphy therapy. According to a new study it combats anxiety, improves wellbeing and boosts self-esteem. It is one of the Duchess of Sussex’s favourite hobbies. The researchers* found that 76% […]

No-one knows you – so be mean!

Danger – troll at work   >  A phobia of our time is sending an emotional email to a wrong person. Similarly, this week we had a caller who had such a fear of texting that he had switched off the app (intextophobia). Such phobias are easy to resolve, but what happens when anonymity becomes a […]

How to tame your inner demons

Peace therapy to end your inner yin & yan war  >  If you thought family relations were stressful, then maybe you should first sort out your inner family. There is theory that we have an entire family living within us and they have various roles, beliefs, fears and conflicts. Based on this weird concept, American […]

A pill to make you numb or dumb? 

Medicate less – meditate more  >  So say many of our clients and we make no apologies for our constant warnings about the overuse of anti-depressants. Now it is official – these pesky drugs can ruin lives. For years the side effects of withdrawing from antidepressants have been dismissed by psychiatrists as being mild. Now […]

Keep calm – press Cntrl+Alt+Delete

Are you happy? Ask Amazon!  >  Scary news. Amazon is creating a voice-activated wearable device which recognises your emotions. It will tell you whether you are angry or sad based just on your voice tone. The wrist-worn gadget named Dylan, which features microphones paired with software, could ultimately be used to offer counselling to users […]

Another day – another stress

Are you suffering from Strexit?   >  It can be hard to capture the public mood when it comes to Brexit, but Theresa May put it this way, “You, the public, have had enough. You are tired of the infighting, tired of the political games and the arcane procedural rows, tired of MPs talking about nothing […]

Danger – Mindfulness Meditation in progress

‘Sleep is the best meditation‘  > So said the Dalai Lama, but more and more of us are extolling the virtues of meditation as a cure-all for today’s woes. Especially when stress stops us sleeping! It is being promoted as a simple and cheap way to de-stress with no side-effects. Indeed, mindfulness is the very […]

It is OK not to be OK

‘I’m not faking being ill – I’m faking being well‘ > So said a depressed caller, who reminded us that this is Mental Health Awareness week. Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF), this excellent initiative started off with the Duke of Cambridge joining music stars to record an inspirational radio message. This year’s theme […]