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RSPB pioneers Mother Nature therapy

Just what the doctor (& nature) ordered  > In case you thought the craze for naturopathy could not get more natural, the NHS has taken it one stage further. If you live on Shetland that is! In an unlikely partnership between NHS Shetland and RSPB Scotland, GPs are prescribing nature as part of their patients’ […]

Are you ever too young for hypnosis?

Paediatric hypnotherapy is not child’s play  >  It is nearly three years since this Blog discussed paediatric hypnotherapy. This lack of coverage is because Tonic’s helplines are not available to children. We only return to the subject today in response to growing criticism that such therapy is being overused. Maybe this is inevitable with an […]

Have you taken the ‘How Are You’ quiz?

‘I stress about stress before there’s stress to stress about‘  >  Sounds like this person needs to take the NHS’s new online test to measure stress levels. Launched rather late in the day, the ‘How Are You?‘ health quiz is supported by Public Health England as part of their One You campaign. The quiz is […]

New year – new science

Your environment can change your genes  >  The hot therapy topic in 2019 will be epigenetics. This is the study of genetic changes that are not caused by a change in our DNA sequence. The idea is that if we can change certain key choices, such as our stress level and diet, it is equivalent […]

To draw you must close your eyes and sing

Do you worry what your name tastes like?  >  This question was posed in the Tonic office and met with a blank stare. The consensus was that, of all the things worth worrying about, this did not register that highly! For those with synaesthaesia the answer would be different. This neurological condition results in one sense […]

Your gut has feelings too

Harness the power of The Source?  >  This sounds rather sinister and yet it is what the latest therapy book is urging you to do. It is about trusting your intuition, or what the author is calling your mystical sixth sense. It is claimed body scans have revealed a complex communication system. It links the […]

Do yoga now & Zen to beat depression

Yoga cure-all for depression disputed   >   The Media campaign is intensifying to promote yoga as a cure for everything that life throws at us. It taps into the fact that we want to believe in a cure-all for stress that does not involve anti-depressants, such as Prozac and Zoloft. It seems such a positive, passive […]

Do your possessions have magical properties?

Beware of ConMari  >   Do your possessions own you?  If the answer is ‘yes’, you need to get rid of your accumulated junk, only keeping things that ‘spark joy’. This is the core message from Japanese organisation consultant Marie Kondo, who says that clutter fuels higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. “We give our […]

Happy pill cure for loneliness

Loneliness breaks the spirit  >  We are in the midst of a loneliness epidemic which is blamed for increasing the risk of depression, diabetes, dementia, mental illness and even premature death. So maybe we should welcome the loneliness pill being developed at the University of Chicago. A clinical trial is already underway on the merits […]

Think positive – think well

The power of positive thinking backed by science  >  The more meaningful you believe your life to be, the better it will be. And if you are in pain you will suffer less. That is the basis of research* which has established that people who saw the things they did as being worthwhile, were healthier […]