Age Tonic

This new service has been introduced in response to the latest development in talking therapies. The premise is that if you think old you will look old. At Tonic we think de-wrinkling Clients in just 30 minutes may be a challenge too far. And what's wrong with wrinkles anyway? But looking younger is not just about erasing worry lines. Everything you do, think, or say and your attitude to life is an expression of your age. In fact, having positive ideas about ageing will reduce the rate at which you age. Tonic's Age Reverse Therapy will change your old thoughts into young ones. Increase your love of life and improve your health in a way that puts sparkle back into your eyes. Forever Young with Tonic.

Never regret growing old as it is a privilege denied to many! 

How to get started

If you are a new client all you have to do is -
  • Register as a Tonic client. It is free.
  • As a new client we want to prove the value of our therapy, so a half-hour session costs only £40. This is far less than either a manicure or a feel-good haircut!
  • Registration enables you to pay via PayPal and that is it. There is no further commitment, no contract, no auto-renewal or scary direct debit mandate. There are not even any hidden extras and your therapist will even pay for the phone call.
So please invite Tonic to make you feel young again.

Who uses Age Tonic?

There is a loyal following of ladies who regard it as a lovely pampering therapy. Very seductive, very self indulgence. It perfectly complements a health club visit, with one caring for the body and the other for the mind. The advantage of Age Tonic is that you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Bliss.