About Us

Tonic offers you personal therapy that is always available. This is possible because we are an independent team of consultants that can be contacted by phone 24/7. If you are in pain or cannot sleep our talking therapies are for you. They are ideal if you are unable or have no time to traipse to a clinic. Or maybe you value anonymity. Whatever your motivation, we ask for the chance to prove to you that the Tonic team can deliver the ultimate stress detox. To win your confidence the Registration fee has been removed and you can book your first session at a reduced fee, plus the phone call will be at our expense. There are no hidden extras, no commitment to book further sessions and no Direct Debit to sign. We are waiting to hear from you if you have an anxiety and want help right now.

Are you accredited and who regulates Tonic?

Tonic is operated by Clive  Hammond who is registered with the CNHC the UK regulator for complementary healthcare supported by the Department of Health. However as Tonic is the booking agency, it is more important that its independent specialists are accredited. Their qualifications vary depending on the treatment given - for example, pain management requires higher qualifications. If in doubt, your Therapist will be happy to explain their training and qualifications.

Why use Tonic?

Tonic is neither an educational or counselling service, but a practical resource providing fast-track therapy at the point of need. The convenience of using Tonic overcomes the time consuming process of attending a clinic for a face-to-face appointment. Our team takes you as you are, where you are and adds much needed TLC. Your guarantee of anonymity and our guarantee of expert help on-demand is the winning combination. A bereaved client described our service as 'a verbal hug'.

What can be achieved in 30 minutes?

Your Therapist is solution focused and will waste no time discussing the past, medical histories and explaining the science behind the techniques used. The result is all that matters. Problems are acknowledged, goals agreed and your Therapist then switches to action mode.