Holistic approach to pre-op stress

Hospitals tackle pre-surgery jitters The Montefiore Hospital in Hove has earned the Bupa Cancer Survivorship Programme accreditation as well as the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark.

Spire Healthcare, which runs the Montefiore, said that this national assurance reflects the hospital’s commitment to providing a holistic approach to treating patients in its dedicated oncology unit.

The Macmillan nurses provide emotional and practical support, especially helping patients overcome pre-operation nerves. Calming therapies offered to stressed patients include acupuncture, reflexology and aromatherapy.

A breast cancer survivor said, “When I spoke to a reflexologist I was thinking ‘am I going live’?  She prepared a nasal aromatherapy spray to stop me feeling anxious before the surgery. I actually fell asleep before they came to take me to theatre.

“Rather than just thinking I am going in for some horrible chemotherapy, I knew I was going to have a lovely massage as well.”

Therapies for pre-surgery anxiety

If you have pre-op stress, seek advice on what complementary therapies and holistic anxiety support are available *. For example, Clinical hypnotherapy is favoured by nurses to help anxious patients. It is certainly proving popular for pre-natal relaxation.

Of course we are biased, but there is growing research demonstrating the value of hypno-sedation. One study reports, ‘presurgery jitters matters because it is linked to greater pain, increased need for painkillers and longer hospital stays after surgery.

‘There is no doubt that anxiety increases the chances of post-operative pain and postoperative analgesic consumption. By using behavioural modification preoperatively, such as hypnotherapy, we can get rid of the postoperative complications‘.

Footnote > * Use this Link to access the CNHC database of Government monitored complementary health practitioners.

2 thoughts on “Holistic approach to pre-op stress

  1. J.T. Chang (therapist) says:

    I can reassure your Bloggers that holistic caring-healing therapies certainly decrease pre-operative anxiety. Certainly preferable to taking pills! There is no reason why healthcare cannot blend compassion and caring of nursing with curative therapies. You mention aromatherapy and hypnotherapy, but why no mention of massage, music and guided imagery? Such caring-healing therapies will minimise pre-operative anxiety.

  2. Theo T. Lyon says:

    Preoperative anxiety can easily result in elevated blood pressure, rapid pulse and sugar metabolism changes. These are major factors predicting mortality among post-operative cardiovascular patients. A combination of complementary medicine and standard care for pre-operative anxiety is the most effective way to reduce symptoms caused by patient anxiety. As a result it improves post-surgical outcomes.

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