Health disk radiates improbability

Cosmic energy disk ‘cures stress’ >   In our quest to debunk alternative stress relief products, it is time to look at the PolarAid’s Natural Health Disc.

It is a little green disk which claims to draw natural vital energy into the body to promote health. Measuring just a few inches across, it functions as a simple antenna device with no radiation, electricity or magnetism.

Cosmic radiation therapy

To understand how this gizmo works (or doesn’t!), you need a grasp the concept of cosmic radiation. An understanding of quantum physics and how everything is made up of sub-atomic particles will also help.

About a century ago, Nikola Tesla used his understanding of these subjects to prove the existence of scalar waves*, which he said is the cosmic energy surrounding us. Tesla postulated that this energy was vital to all forms of life and that our bodies need to be nourished by it.

Tesla believed that as we age or become ill, our bodies do not absorb this energy so well. This theory was refined in the 1930s by Dr. Georges Lakhovsky, who invented the Lakhovsky antenna. This is a large copper alloy ring which acts as a vortex to transmit and amplify these energy frequencies **.

Energetic medicine

This resulted in Dr. Dino Tomić inventing the PolarAid, which claims to capture these frequencies in a portable device for personal. He declares that it ‘offers an energy medicine interface with quantum and bio-resonance to enhance acupuncture and other modalities’.

This is a classic example of masking medical mumbo jumbo behind a smokescreen of scientific theories.

But if this type of new age alternative therapy is your thing, all you need to do is place your Natural Health Disc from PolarAid on your forehead, or a chakra point. That is it!

‘Leaving it there for around 5-10 minutes will energise the lower chakras, while the sixth and seventh chakra should be limited to 1-3 minutes exposure’.

Indeed, you do not even have to place it on your forehead, as it is claimed users improve their sleep when the disc is placed by their beds. Even if you can’t get to sleep – no worries. Throw it into your garden as it is claimed it is good for your plants.

So to answer your questions >

What does Tonic think?               Best not to.

What not to ask?                          Can I get it on the NHS.

Is it for you?                                  Not before you have grasped a sprinkling of stardust mixed with a dollop of wishful thinking.

When to wear?                            Glastonbury or at Glastonbury solstice.

When not to wear?                      When anyone can see you, or when phoning Tonic as scalar wave therapy* could confuse us.

Does it work?                                Being overly susceptible to suggestion is a great healing aid. At $80 + you are certainly incentivised to believe you invested wisely; (if you want to try chaka healing therapy on the cheap, the Polarix Pain Relief Disc is less expensive).

Footnotes > * Scalar waves are based on the concept of electromagnetic waves that works outside physics as we know it.

** The concepts of all life forms being made up of vibrational molecules of energy is nothing new. For example, in the mid-nineties The Celestine Prophecy book captured the public imagination. It stated that we are all made of vibrational molecules of energy and that there is a bigger picture other than that which is obvious to the human eyes. As vibrational beings, made up of atoms and particles, we feel and sense energy. It was argued that like Russian nesting dolls, our physical body is inside an emotional (feeling) field, which lies inside another field of mental thoughts and all are encompassed within a spiritual field.


9 thoughts on “Health disk radiates improbability

  1. Rory (Inveness) says:

    Science has obviously not worked out everything in the universe and there are plenty of people working to make sense of these new findings. So just because you cannot explain the unknown does not mean it does not work.

    • You are right and yet science should not be ignored. This disk may well work, but I am unable to resource any scientific research into it. If it is so wonderful, why have the advocates not invested their efforts in proving its value through medical trials? Simply flouting common sense ensures such potentially valuable inventions are relegated to the alternative therapy bucket of passing fads.

      • I have been into holistic health care since I was 28 and I am now 70. I have seen personally, people cured of radical cancers with just strict diet change. Now the scientific medical community for the most part does not do hands on medicine and that is where I draw the line with science. When you can make money, with a vaccine or medication that treats only the symptom and not the disease, that for me is the second line drawn in the sand. I have studied my personal metabolism over the years which is constantly changing and I change with it. Science on this day has no cure for cancer and that fact has been there my whole life. All in all, science alone has no place in medicine unless you can base it’s ideas on something besides theory.. Polar aid disks are very real and and can help many things that are health related and beyond. I am not the kind to believe in something unless I have used it personally and this instrument of health, I have. Each person is entitled to their own opinion but research into any product will only educate you to many alternative methods of staying healthy. Health in it’s entirety for me is the goal………. RD

  2. Tim (Epsom) says:

    This is the same as the Quantum Biophysics AlphaSpin. Also marketed as the Bama Natural Healthy Energy Field Funnel, it has been around for years, though never heard of anyone being daft enough to buy one!

    • Well I was ‘daft enough’ and it is brilliant. Whenever I put mine over a painful area it gives immediate relief. Even my migraines go away after a few minutes. It also relieved a cough. To use an old saying … the proof of the pudding is in the eating’.

  3. Rosebud says:

    Stop knocking what you do not understand. In my experience these disks DO boosts your bio-energy by achieving a physical and mental balance. They are also a quick way to open and cleaning chakras.

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