Shake for peace of mind

Let your muscles shake away your stress  >  The latest relaxation technique is perfect for people who cannot sit still. Tension-Release Technique is being promoted as a therapy for those with no patience for mindfulness and too fidgety to meditate.

Called TRE, it is reaching the most fashionable yoga classes near you, such as the trendy Triyoga clinic in north London. But this de-stress trend takes the opposite approach to sitting still and trying to quieten your thoughts.

Short for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, TRE is a series of movements that encourage your muscles to shake. The idea is that this will help release the tightness in your body that is caused by stress.

As a trainer explained, “Shaking is a primitive. It is an unconscious mechanism which helps people let go. After a session my clients find themselves feeling calmer and less braced against life. It is a very powerful way to get rid of tension.

TRE therapy has high price tag

This Tension Release Technique plays heavily on its credential of having helped people affected by war and survivors of earthquake, even though there is a lack of medical proof that it works. At £80 an hour that is worrying.

If you one of the stressed rich, then what what can you expect from TRE therapy? First it is likely you will be asked to stand on a yoga mat with one foot placed on the other. Then you will be encouraged to balance, taking note of the way your muscles make tiny adjustments to help you stay upright.

The idea is that minute oscillators in your spinal cord are constantly talking to our muscles to control our body’s movements. This results in this initial exercise gently stressing your muscles until the natural process of shaking becomes more pronounced.

Next, with your feet apart, you may be guided to reach down and stretch. Then to squat with your heels lifted off the floor. Another exercise is for 30 seconds to put your back against the wall as if sitting on a chair. Well, you get the idea.

In fact there is a whole series of similar exercises designed to tire your muscles.

Shake your way to happiness

Think of this as a conversation between the muscle tension in your hips and your nervous system,” says the trainer. “Gradually this shake therapy will help free up those structures that are tight, such as your diaphragm and those big psoas muscles *”.

This type of exercises are variations on a theme used by so many other workout therapies. As to whether they are worth a stressful fee is questionable, especially as there are numerous free guides on how to do them at home for free.

Alternatively, you could try fidget spinner therapy or how about a simple phone call

Footnote > * Psoas muscles are the primary connectors between our torso and legs. When they become tight and overstretched they can often be the cause of pain, because they affect posture and help us to stabilise the spine.


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