Have you taken the ‘How Are You’ quiz?

I stress about stress before there’s stress to stress about‘  >  Sounds like this person needs to take the NHS’s new online test to measure stress levels.

Launched rather late in the day, the ‘How Are You?‘ health quiz is supported by Public Health England as part of their One You campaign. The quiz is a tool to encourage the public to think about the current state of their health and to take small steps to improve it.

This initiative is commendable, but hardly new. The internet is so awash with self-help stress questionnaires that it is enough to make you throw your stress ball at your computer.

Some of the online stress tests are just marketing ploys, others are more altruistic, many are offered by psychologists (psychcentral & psychologistworld), while a few make a small charge. Survive all these and it is probably best to jump on a treadmill to check if you are at risk from a coronary heart.

If you don’t want the answer – don’t ask the question

All health checks are good, but if you need to check your anxiety levels then you already know the answer. De-stressing needs action and if you are not prepared to make changes in your lifestyle, then no amount of online confirmations will make any difference.

These online quizzes are fun but nothing more,” says a Tonic therapist. “Confirming what you already know is only a step forward if it results in action.

“People who call us know they have a problem and want to tackle the cause. Therapy is better than popping anti-depressant pills, which only mask the symptoms.”

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