Quest for a psoriasis therapy

Your skin is a great indicator of what’s going on inside your body >   Rather as a cry of desperation, a lady with psoriasis sought help from a Tonic hypnotherapist; her actual words were … ‘I want salvation from my misery‘!

A common disease affecting 1 in 50 people, this skin condition has no known cure. However, there are many effective treatments available to keep it under control, plus there are records of spontaneous clearance occurring.

So can psoriasis hypnotherapy help? Judging by the numerous self-help services offered on the internet, the answer must be ‘yes’.

Indeed, latest research suggests that several holistic modalities including acupuncture, meditation and herbal remedies can be beneficial.  Dr. Alexandra Price of the University of Miami in Florida, reports, “Certain complementary and alternative medicine therapies, such as indigo naturalis, curcumin, meditation, acupuncture and hypocaloric diets, have been shown to be safe and effective treatments”.

As far as hypnotherapy is concerned, there must be a mind body connection to psoriasis for it to work. This is disputed in medical circles. However, studies have established that there are distinct personality traits among those with this skin condition. The most significant is anger. So maybe it is more a case of treating the cause rather than the symptom, which is why complementary therapies are worth trying.

A Tonic therapist adds, “In considering this course of action, it is known that though psoriasis does not randomly appear, it requires a trigger to activate it. Injury, infection and drug reactions are all known to be triggers. But one of the commonest triggers is emotional stress. So utilising some kind of release or forgiveness intervention such as hypnotherapy, will help sufferers lessen or come to terms with their anger“.

Is psoriasis a nervous condition?

In fact, the growing evidence that hypnotherapy can be used to treat the immune system problems, of which skin diseases can be a manifestation, has resulted in the dawn of a new complementary therapy. It is called hypnodermatology*. This aims is to utilise the innate healing power of one’s own mind and body.

Such research is encouraging, but for those suffering to day the fact remains that there is no proven cure. So always start your quest for ‘salvation’ by consulting your doctor. As far as hypnotherapy is concerned, it may help and is certainly worth a try, especially as there is no record of it ever causing harm or having adverse side-effects. And not many prescription drugs can make that claim!

Footnotes >  Psoriasis hypnotherapy is best carried out face-to-face, so is unsuitable for Tonic’s style of therapy-by-phone; use this Link to find a therapist near you. The Psoriasis Association also offers excellent advice.

*Hypno-dermatology is just one of the ideas being studied by psychoneuroimmunologist, who explore the link between a patient’s frame of mind and their immune system.

5 thoughts on “Quest for a psoriasis therapy

  1. I believe psoriasis is caused by trapped emotion or an inappropriate release mechanism for emotion. When the emotional utilisation of psoriasis is discovered an alternative method to release that emotion can control the psoriasis. In practice there are many different approaches that are utilised in hypnotherapy and looking for possible emotional triggers is just one.

  2. Ed (Skegness) says:

    You are underselling hypnotherapy. S study carried out at the St Johns Hopkins School of medicine established the benefit of using hypnotherapy. It concluded that the greater the depth of hypnosis the patient achieved the greater the improvement in their psoriasis. Anyway, as you say, what is the harm in giving it a try?

    • Hilary Mann says:

      Using hypnotherapy for this serious medical problem can have incredible results for SOME sufferers, but not all. About half can be helped, which is not bad odds bearing in mind there are no side-effects.

  3. cham-girl says:

    i dont know whether stress can cause skin problems – maybe or maybe not
    but i do know that if you are a sufferer you should always get yourself diagnosed by your doctor

    should you decide to follow an alternative treatment you should also discuss that with them.

  4. T.N. Hyde says:

    Conditions where emotional factors play a significant role are particularly amenable to hypnotherapy. The reason is because our emotions are autonomous in a way that is outside our control. However, while it is true that emotional response is not a conscious behaviour, it has been proved that the nature, intensity and duration of such responses can be modified with hypnosis.

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