Urine drinking – the ultimate recycling therapy

Urine therapy is taking the piss  >   A client who had been following the Universal Healing Tao System asked our view on the value of drinking their own urine to relieve stress.

Our view is that even the thought of it would have the opposite effect. In fact it is the only therapy we know which works in reverse – drinking your own pee takes the piss OUT of those brave enough to try it!  And yet our scepticism is not shared in China where urine drinking has a cult following.

Though it comes within the category of alternative medicine, rather than the complementary therapies covered by this Blog, Tonic therapists are an open minded bunch, so we canvassed their opinions. The following is their collective list of the benefits  ….

  • Free supply
  • Pre-heated
  • Pre-packed

Undeterred by the obvious, urotherapy is being adopted by Britain’s self-styled health elites. However, all they are doing is re-inventing a therapy first popularised by British naturopath John W. Armstrong in the early 20th century as a way to prevent bacterial infection. Subsequent claims have gone on to encompass curing both fungal infection on skin and autoimmune disease, plus preventing viral infection, allergy, hair loss, acne and other skin problems. Oh yes, sipping your own pee also fights cancer (alarm bells ring whenever we read pseudo-medics claiming a cure for that!).

One reason we are told that urine is such a cure-all therapy is that it contains the enzyme urokinase. “This inhibits arteries or blood vessels blocking, which is caused by accumulation of bad fat,” say urinologists.  “Urokinase also strengthen heart and blood vessels function and it is consider a safe way to maintain healthy heart“.

But even if Madonna revels in the joys of a No.1 – she wards off athlete’s foot by peeing on her feet in the shower – you would be forgiven for having doubts when faced with your first glass of warm pee. Novices should certainly check quality control by ensuring it is their own pee before supping! **

If you still lack the courage to proceed, you can take heart that there are zero studies proving the efficacy of urotherapy*.  Your kidneys filter your blood and any excess fluid, salts and minerals are expelled.  As the point of urination is to rid your body of such excesses, why would you want to re-absorb it?

And yet there are ever more proponents of this ‘golden elixir which is biodynamically available’. To translate this medical mumbo jumbo, it means that as your urine has been through your system once, it is more easily re-absorbed again without expending energy to do so. Thus you get
 a big hit of vitamins and minerals that you have already refined and processed. Twaddle.

So here is your choice. Be inspired by Dr Ryoichi Nakao, a seemingly 170-year-old doctor whose web video will tell you how urotherapy cured him of gonorrhoea, or pick up a phone to Tonic and inject your life with a healthy dollop of undiluted sanity.

Footnote >   * The practice of consuming urine is also known as urinotherapy, urophagia,  uropathy, auto-urine therapy or most commonly, as taking-the-piss therapy!  ** If all this sounds too tame for you, how about trying a faecal transplant?  Also known as trans-poo-sion, it surely has the title of medicine’s most disgusting procedure! It is pretty much what you are imagining – part of a faecal stool is taken from one person and given to another. The purpose is to introduce new beneficial microbes to the receiving patient’s digestive system.

20 thoughts on “Urine drinking – the ultimate recycling therapy

  1. Laura Walls says:

    It is wrong to think of urine as being toxic. It is 95% water and the rest is made up of nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. Far from being toxic, wee is filtered twice – once by the liver and again by e kidneys. Anything toxic leaves our bodies via faeces, which is why urine is sterile. That’s why the ancient Aztecs used it to disinfect wounds, and why it’s used in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. So stop being so weak-willed – try it!

    • Mrs T Burrows says:

      I think highlighting an ultra-alternative therapy of this type does Tonic no credit. If hypnotherapy is to become mainstream, then it must disassociate itself from such new age nonsense. Please PLEASE stick to your remit of promoting complementary therapies which have Government approval.

  2. Rodge says:

    Pee contains urea, which is a chemical compound used in skin care products. Many of the best selling creams use synthetically manufactured urea because it dissolves excess skin build-up caused by keratin over production. Urea is a winner for those with eczema and psoriasis – both conditions cause keratin over-production and hardened skin, which urea is excellent at moisturising.

  3. Piss-taker Pete says:

    I love your advice about only drinking your own wee!!!!! For wee connoisseur the most nutrient-dense, but also the most concentrated is found in your first pee in the morning. So collect it for later consumption. And surprisingly, it does not taste horrific. A little bit sweet & a tad salty but for perfection you need to tailor your bedtime tipple to match your morning tasting.
    P.S. I can’t believe I am writing this!

  4. Chuggers says:

    you really are an ignorant lot. you state claim that you are open-minded and then prove the opposite by dismissing a potentially very helpful therapy on the sole basis that it sounds revolting
    your thinking brain is like a parachute – works better when open

  5. theo (client 142) says:

    can i pee on my toes?
    to prevent athlete’s foot – honestly
    don’t want to walk into a public loo and just hose down my feet – it would be gross

    • silky10 says:

      If it is good enough for Madonna – it is good enough for my tootsies. How much would she charge do you think

      • Boxer Juan Manuel Márquez urinates after his fights and then drinks the entire thing. Likewise, baseball player Moisés Alou says that he pisses on his hands to maintain his game-worthy condition. Even winner of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize and holy man Swami Agnivesh is
 a seasoned urotherapy fan. Surely all the lemmings can’t be wrong!

  6. Clare Manning says:

    If we have the courage to move beyond the usual jokes …. is it taken shaken or stirred …. we may learn something. Instead of portraying them as ignorant, maybe the Chinese have something to teach us. Whether it afronts the Western World or not, some Chinese prefer their urine straight and steaming hot; others mix it with juice or serve it over fruit. Some prefer a couple of urine drops mixed with a tablespoon of water applied sublingually several times a day. Some wash themselves in their own golden fluid to improve their skin quality. Many modern Japanese women are said to engage in urine bathing.
    Have the courage to to try before criticising.

    • Jordie (you know me!) says:

      Lighten up. It is a daft fetish for gullible trendies. Stand your ground Tonic and keep on debunking such nonsense

      • Maggie says:

        It may be true that some of the substances in urine are good for yo,u but I would rather be ill than take this medicine!

    • More than three million Chinese can’t be wrong. Decades – possible centuries – of use as both a medicine and skin treatment have proved urine’s immense value in curing sickness, enhancing beauty and cleanse one’s bowels.

      • Lisa (a client) says:

        It also the elixir of choice of holy men in India where drinking urine has been practiced for thousands of years. The drink is also the preferred pick-me-up for a growing number of naturopaths and other advocates of “nature cures.” The main attractions of this ultimate home brew are its cost, availability and portability. After all, it is much cheaper than that other “water of life,” – whisky!

        • Homer ! says:

          Homer Smith (of Man and His Gods fame) wrote that “man is a machine for turning wine into urine.” How wrong he was – in fact, man is a machine for turning just about anything into a medicinal tonic!

    • quince-boy says:

      Clare – A bit sniffy! if you can’t laugh at yourself, then what hope does humanity have? A bit ‘sniffy’ There is room for all opinions whether they meet with your approval or not. What is more urine is always available, everyone carries a supply at all times, and, for most people, there are no intoxicating side effects. Furthermore, the urge to over indulge is almost absent when drinking urine. The same can’t be said for the sherry (which I suspect you drink) or the whisky which is my tipple. Each to their own

  7. Yves (Putney) says:

    The medical community has been aware of urine’s fantastic healing properties decades, and yet none of us has ever been told about it. Maybe they think it is too controversial. Or maybe, more accurately, there wasn’t any monetary reward for telling people what scientists know about one of the most extraordinary natural healing elements in the world.

  8. Neals says:

    It is incorrect that urine is sterile when it exits your body. It’s close, however, as your piss is about 95% water with the rest made up of metabolites. But remember – your urinary tract is host to bacterial colonies, with some bacteria living in urethra. These nasty beasties behave much like those in the gut, with a mix of beneficial and detrimental bacterial species constantly vying for dominance. You have been warned.

  9. Rosie says:

    I have a friend who claims that after decades of drinking her own urine she got lovely firm and moist skin. She also said that she never visited any doctor from long time since she started to consume her own pee. Ofcourse, there may be no connection but it urine drinking is certainly food for thought!

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