A nag a day keeps the doctor away

n11aNag, nag, nag, nag  >  Oh dear, some bad news for our henpecked clients as it seems nagging is good for you.  Research shows that unhappily married men have a lower risk of developing diabetes and a higher chance of successful treatment if they do develop it.

A researcher explained,  “Since diabetes is affected by social factors, I thought it would be interesting to see how marriage affects the disease rate. For women good marital quality promotes women’s health, lowering their risk of disease.”

However the men’s result may be due to the fact that some wives constantly monitor their husband’s health behaviours, especially if he is in poor health or has diabetes. Does he need to exercise … does he eat too much sugary stuff and not enough fruits and vegetables?

This type of nagging improves the husband’s health, though be warned of a nasty side-affect – such interference is usually perceived as irritating and provokes hostility.n22d

All this comes just days after experts said the world was in the grip of a diabetes ‘pandemic’ and that drugs and lifestyle interventions alone will not solve the crisis. The good news is that the study suggests once you are active and healthy, you no longer need nagging, though no advice is given on how to stop it!.

So naggers please note – the suggestion that ‘nagging is good‘ should only be applied to getting healthy and active!

The bottom line is that if over the years the whispered sweet nothings have been replaced by naggings, then your sentence to purgatory has been extended.  Still, more time to phone you know who  …

Footnote  >  The study was carried out at Michigan State University and published online in the Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences.n44a

4 thoughts on “A nag a day keeps the doctor away

  1. an ex-nag! says:

    I used to be a nagging wife but it made ME miserable. Now I rarely moan and got a new boyfriend who does not need it anyway. Stop nagging before it’s too late ….

  2. What a depressing advert for marriage. Husbands have a choice of being nagged or having diabetes! Thankfully my wife does not nag. We are both slim and healthy so that will hopefully negate the possibility of diabetes.

  3. a piss artist who blames his wife says:

    who cares about diabetes. A nagging wife drives you to drinking – and I should know

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