Give this new age therapy the boot

Barefaced hype promotes barefoot therapy  >  “Is it f12zworth me trying grounding” a client asked one of our therapist. She had never heard of it and, after making enquiries, quipped that she wished she had remained clueless!

In case you are equally in the dark, ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ is based on the concept of maintaining good health by direct contact with the earth. Or to put it more simply – taking your shoes off; as that makes you sound uneducated you should say you are a ‘groundologist’.

Websites promote the preposterous claim that shoes are the world’s most dangerous invention, which presumably means we can stop worrying about the atom bomb. We are warned that shoes are the most destructive invention ever because they cause an unbelievable number of ailments, with inflammation being the main culprit.

For example, grounding claims to promote ‘calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system, thins the blood, eliminates jet lag, f3coand protects the body against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields‘ …. and saves you a fortune on shoes repairs.

If you really want to know more, read a book with the understated title  “Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?” which explains all.  In case the book has sold out, it explains that shoes cause inflammation and autoimmune diseases and are the most destructive invention in human history.

As for the science – there is none. Unless, that is, you believe ‘shoes block you from receiving a constant supply of the free electrons that shield and nourish the entire earth. Grounding protects you from electromagnetic fields (EMF). Walking barefoot or jumping into the ocean will remove the static build-up and immerse you in electrons‘.

Nonsense claims, but if you want to dip your toe into this therapy, there is a wonderful range of products you can buy via the groundology website. For example, treat yourself to grounding wires, enabling your EMF to be dispersed and be replaced with free electrons with antioxidants coming back up the wires, thereby giving you free antioxidants.

The supporters of this medical pseudoscience go on to claim …. ‘people have lost touch with the Earth. From a biblical perspective, people who lose touch with the Earth lose touch with God. Earthing reconnects us to the plan, to other, and, in f23xa sense, to God’ ….  ‘Earthing connects us to Nature and Nature is the ultimate source of health and healing’ …. ‘Earthing is a return to the healing power of Nature. Scientifically based and intuitively correct, here’s a simple but powerful way to restore your health on all levels.’

How we wish such bold statements were true, as walking barefoot on the beach and on grass is indeed invigorating. The problem is that both the credibility and beautiful simplicity of barefoot therapy are undermined by groundology’s pseudo-science, childish over-hype and worthless tat.

12 thoughts on “Give this new age therapy the boot

  1. pissed of Paddy says:

    Ignorance is bliss, so no wonder you idiots at Tonic claim to have a monopoly on happiness. Of course there is another explanation – you have set out to hide the worthlessness of your own therapy by rubbishing anything newer and better that comes on the market. The mind is like a parachute – it works bette when open.

    • Harry Tyler (a real scientist!) says:

      However, better to call a spade a spade. Since when did free radicals cause inflammation? It isy more accurate to say inflammation causes free radicals. And to neutralise free radicals you need antioxidant molecules, not free electrons.

    • Paul Beeston says:

      Well said Paddy . Its common sense mate , obviously the idiots at tonic have none . Grounded Paul

  2. Jordan (Surrey) says:

    At the most basic level it seems obvious that our connection with the earth carries information, helping align us with a natural greater network of intelligence. However, our cells have no need of an infusion of electrons. Also, talk of live cell microscopy is bogus as it isimpossible to show that there are positive charges, and the blood cell clumping is only an artifact. The fact is, clumping blood cells have nothing to do with the alleged health effects.

  3. Pete Petters says:

    There is no evidence that EMF disrupts communications in our body or that grounding protects us from any hypothetical ill effects of using cell phones and other technology. And as for aligning with an intelligence network … that is simply wild imagination not supported by anything in science or reality.

  4. L.N. (Client 109) says:

    Arguments in support of earthing are either false or so vague as to be meaningless and untestable. Don’t be beguiled into believing the so called ‘scientific proof’. There is none. However, I share Tonic’s view, that though groundology is a stupid therapy con, walking barefoot is indeed a wonderful FREE Tonic. What a shame that these people are trying to make the simple complicated in the name of fooling the guilible just to make a fast buck

  5. Ted The Man says:

    Can I make a confession? I read this book (well, part of it!). The supporting science is indeed shameful. Here is one example – talking on your cell phone outdoors and standing on grass will dissipate the static charge in your body, thus confusing static electricity with electromagnetic fields.
    Readers are told that ground contact will remove your static electricity, and on the other hand readers are told they will absorb electricity from the Earth. So which is correct – is electricity going in or out?

  6. snakeman says:

    I found this quote from Dr. Novella, a well known skeptic of alternative medicine. He says, “The studies are typical of the kind of worthless studies designed to generate false positives – the kind of in-house studies that companies sometimes use so that they can claim their products are clinically proven’ Reading through the individual studies you can see that they are all small pilot or preliminary studies with atrocious methodology. They are little more than documenting placebo effects, subjective findings, and anomaly hunting.” So now you know!

  7. opal10 says:

    So we are told … ‘the primordial nature energy emanating from the Earth is the ultimate anti-inflammatory and the ultimate anti-aging medicine’ .and … ‘The Earth’s surface is alive with subtly pulsating frequencies’. We have entered a fantasy world.

  8. Michele says:

    Try it for yourself, not everyone is the same. I made the effort to walk barefoot everyday for 6 months before buying a £30 product to enable me to connect to the earth in cold weather. Six months after that I bought a grounding mat for my feet in bed (cost £30) so I don’t have bother to connect outside every day. My personal experience is that it helps me release energy that I have picked up empathically. The amount of fluid I retain has reduced. Science has obviously not worked out everything in the universe and there are plenty of people working to make sense of these new findings.

    • Marion says:

      Thanks for that Michelle,I believe in the earth energies and the universe and I know these grounding products work!!

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