Hypnosis helps girl with cancer

Hypnotherapy – ‘an injection of positive thought’    >  A young woman from Lancaster has been attracting Media coverage for her fight back against cancer using hypnotherapy. Suzanne Cremin was rushed to hospital last year after experiencing severe stomach cramps, which turned out to be gallstones.

cancer 2Following the operation to remove the stones, an ultrasound revealed something far worse – a tumour on her kidney. The biopsy results showed the tumour was a cancerous Renal Cell Carcinoma, which is a rare cancer only affecting about 15 people each year in the UK.

After an operation to remove the 13cm tumour together with half her kidney, doctors told Suzanne she was lucky they had been able to remove it successfully and without the need for chemotherapy. She told reporters, “The funny thing is I didn’t feel lucky at all! After my op I was expected just to get on with life and return to normal, but I found that to be such a struggle. I was finding it much harder to cope mentally with it all than I was physically. I just kept asking myself, why me? I am young and healthy. It didn’t make sense to me.”

She admitted she felt more and more depressed and didn’t want to leave her house, some days even taking five hours just to get dressed. She visited her doctor who then referred her to a local cancer charity called CancerCare, which offered hypnotherapy. “It was the best thing he ever did,” she said, “It was like receiving an injection of positive thoughts plus gave me new mental strength, clarity, and a way of coping better with everyday life.

“It has also brought some stability back into my life and given me motivation to start looking forward to my future – I’ve started exercising again, something I had previously given up on.

“Hypnotherapy might seem a bit strange to some people but it’s really helped me in ways I didn’t think it could.”

Tonic offers its own service for people with inoperable or terminal conditions, such a brain tumours.

Footnote > Use this Link for guidance on kidney cancer or refer to the NHS advice.

11 thoughts on “Hypnosis helps girl with cancer

  1. Jan (Client 105) says:

    My heart goes out to this this lady – what a wonderful story of hope.

  2. Georgie Tyler says:

    Some people suffering from cancer may completely stun the medical profession by beating their disease – or at least exceeding their life expectancy by many years – through the use of hypnosis. These people may be positive and upbeat and remain psychologically intact during their treatment; as such they may enjoy a better quality of life, appear to suffer less pain, may recover more quickly and take their treatment in their stride, because their mind-set is conducive to getting well. They have cured themselves and the hypnotist has simple shown that it is possible.

    • Alison (Reading) says:

      The hypnotherapist will want to make it clear that he or she is not expecting to “cure” a person of cancer simply by taking them into a hypnotic trance. That said, there is plenty of evidence that hypnotherapy can help people with cancer, even if it is only to improve their quality of life for the time being.

      Good point. The reason why hypnotherapy can be relevant is because mind, body and spirit are interconnected and any treatment needs to take this into account. The extraordinary advances in medical science have been due to a greater understanding of how the body works and this has led to an emphasis on physical treatment, but the mind has its part to play as well.

      • Dr P. Myers says:

        Hypnosis should be regarded as an adjunct treatment for cancer patients and survivors can be effective in treating pain, nausea, fatigue, hot flashes, and sleep disorders. While current research into the efficacy of clinical hypnosis for the palliative treatment of cancer patients is encouraging, there is a lack of proof.
        Additional research is needed for hypnosis to become a well-established evidence-based treatment for the palliative care of cancer patients.

  3. Danny Rogers-Smith (therapist) says:

    A cancer diagnosis creates such anxiety and fear in the patient, that the stress can be overwhelming; what’s worse is that this emotional turmoil comes at the very time when you need to prepare yourself physically and psychologically for the path ahead. In addition, the aggressive nature of traditional cancer treatment; surgery to remove the growth, followed by either chemotherapy, radiation or both can leave the patient feeling helpless. Here is where hypnotherapy for cancer can work very effectively alongside traditional medical interventions to reduce stress and anxiety and give the patient comfort and a sense of control.

  4. anon says:

    The first hurdle your mind must encounter and overcome when needing help healing cancer is the fear. Fear can cloud the mind – and your mind prevents you from receiving the full potential of the healing power your mind can present. Fear can freeze the body and the mind and is incredibly unproductive when it comes to healing. You must move past the fear in order to move on to healing. Hypnotic techniques and self-hypnosis can help you with this important first step but the benefits do not end with relieving fear.

  5. Kel T says:

    The condition of induced hypnosis is not only a matter of clinical mechanisms. Effective hypnosis is an interchange of many variances between the hypnotist and the subject, and there are safe and effective hypnosis protocols that at the very least offer a great measurable of physical and emotional comfort for not only cancer sufferers, but also for many other health conditions.

  6. Candy Wallace says:

    If you are going to clutch at this straw you must be willing to accept that at least part of the cause of your condition lies in your own subconscious mind. This is could be difficult as too many of us are accustomed to taking no responsibility for our health, and might even be offended at the suggestion that something we did may be the cause of our condition. Empathy requires the health professional to treat these feelings as delicately as possible. Hypnosis can help you to access these programs and clear them, freeing your immune system to work with your treatment program to stop your cancer. Good luck!

  7. deal-T says:

    The goal of hypnotherapy is to maximise the quality of life to bring comfort and freedom from stress and pain. It is important for the therapist to respect denial and work with it, not against it. Physical symptoms of cancer, the most common of which is pain, and the physical effects of its treatment may be modified to render daily living more palatable. Hypnotherapy may also be woven into psychotherapy to assist in the uniquely personal adjustments each patient has to make to his illness.

  8. anon says:

    scientists do not know if hypnosis might affect cancer cells, your immune system, or the disease of cancer in any way
    hypnosis is not a medical treatment for cancer, but there may be an important role for hypnosis in managing cancer
    however, hypnosis has been effective in helping patients reduce pain, stress, and depression, and calm fears and anxiety

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