Try Something New

MPS – A needless or needleless therapy?

Is a dolphin better than a Ibuprophen?  >  Chronic pain wears down the very soul. The resulting depression is the catalyst for many cries for help to acupuncturists, Tonic’s hypnotherapists and so many other complementary therapists offering a range of pain reduction treatments. So maybe we should welcome a technique claiming to be more effective […]

Log out. Shut down. Do yoga

Yoga – because punching people is frowned upon!  >   There is a new trend for using hypnotherapy as a yogic practice. There is no shortage of web sites selling such yoga therapy on the basis that the combination will take your body to a state of deep relaxation. One web service promoting hypnotic yoga, claims that […]

Snuggly blankets – what is there not to like?

Weight on your body is a weight off your mind  >  ‘Weighted blankets help sensory seeking patients calm their bodies in preparation for sleep, or can be used in sensory rooms, classrooms or simply as a way of chilling out at home. This is achieved because the extra weight relieves stress and anxiety, helping to […]

Online therapy comes of age

Online therapy no threat to face-to-face counselling > Ever increasing NHS waiting lists coupled with our time-poor lifestyles are fuelling the phenomenal growth in videochats, counselling apps, text-based counselling (Talkspace), phone therapy (telepsychology) and the alike. Immediate access to people who care has great appeal! The on-line counselling service PlusGuidance, the doctor app Babylon, the US-based […]

‘Happiness is an inside job’

The romance of bus stop therapy  > In our never ending quest to publicise the latest high tech ways to chill, how about giving bus stop light therapy a go? OK, standing in a depressing bus shelter maybe not be your ideal way to boost your mood, but then again you don’t live in Sweden […]

The best medicine is to teach people how not to need it

Complementary versus alternative therapy – which is best?  Doctors have a love hate relationship with complementary and alternatives medicines (CAMs). Certainly most do not want alternative therapists to darken their surgery doors! Their stance is a fair one. Namely, that their years of training, coupled with the use of proven drugs and high-tech medical procedures […]

Nature – the cure-all therapy

‘Nature listens & nature cures‘  >  Naturopathy is based on the ancient idea of medicatrix naturae, which basically means the healing power of nature. Hippocrates summed it up as “Health is the expression of a harmonious balance between various components of man’s nature, the environment and ways of life …. nature is the physician of […]

Snake-oil salesmen waiting to take your money

‘I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity’  >  So joked horror author Edgar Allen Poe, who sounds as though he would have been an ideal patient for pneumatic medicine. Its style of hydraulic therapy, which was advocated by the likes of poet Coleridge and pottery millionaire Wedgwood, was that emotions take physical form […]

Back pain is just youth leaving the body

Everything you do comes back to you  >  If your friends are a pain in the neck you could be uncomfortably nearer the truth than you imagine. That is if you suspend credibility for a moment and accept that your back pain is caused by subconscious thought-patterns and the difficulties of modern life. Welcome to […]

I need you to knead me

Talk to the hand for health  >  Usually when we review alternative therapies, we find the internet is awash with polarised views. Some deride them as pseudo-science while others are in raptures over their healing benefit. Not so with the Rosen Method where it is difficult to find any criticism. This either means apathy rules, […]