Excuses don’t get results

‘My summer body is in progress’ >  Well, let us hope so, but at least you know what makes you fat – eating more in calories than you can burn off in energy. In defiance of the over-bloated slimming industry, there are two free and easy solutions. Eat less and exercise more is top of […]

Food is both fuel & therapy

Farewell to a beige diet  >  This Christmas lunch will be very special for a Manchester mum thanks to the inspired work of a hypnotherapist. It will be the first time Amy Millington has not hidden in her room while her family gorge in the dining room. Until a few weeks ago she was so […]

Back pain is just youth leaving the body

Everything you do comes back to you  >  If your friends are a pain in the neck you could be uncomfortably nearer the truth than you imagine. That is if you suspend credibility for a moment and accept that your back pain is caused by subconscious thought-patterns and the difficulties of modern life. Welcome to […]

Awareness through movement

Learn to walk on air to happiness >  Risking our readers thinking Tonic has a foot fetish, we want to talk about your feet again. This is because a caller criticised our last Posting about foot therapy for not mentioning the Feldenkrais Method. With a mantra that ‘standing is harder than walking’, with this therapy […]

What you eat is what you are

The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison Eating fruit & veg boosts happiness > This opinion is based on research* which found that people who change from eating almost no fruit and veg to eight portions a day are happier. Happiness was boosted […]

Cancer – let your faith be bigger than your fear

She believed she could so she did  >  There is nothing new in the idea that that what we think and feel can affect our well-being. To quote Winston Churchill, ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’.  This is why mind-body therapies, such as relaxation, meditation and visualisation are being used more […]

In the mood for mood food

Facial mapping puts you in the mood for food  >  If you crave emotional well-being and have no time for complementary therapies, how about facial mapping? Sounds improbably, but this innovation is a progression on mood-mapping technology, which judges your emotional state and suggest the optimum meal for you to eat. It is tempting to […]

Warning – grief can kill

The risk of dying from a broken heart >   We all know stories about a member of a long-time couple dying and then the other dying shortly thereafter. This is not coincidence as people can literally die of a broken heart, which in medical terms is called stress cardiomyopathy*. What is even more sad is that […]

You are stronger than diabetes!

You may have diabetes – but diabetes does not have you  >  As it is Diabetes Week it is worth considering the role hypnotherapy can play in combating this disease. There is nothing traditional hypnotherapy can do to help prevent Type One diabetes, as it is mostly caused by factors outside the diabetics’ control. However, […]

Foods to beat the winter blues

Eat your way to happiness > The weather is cold and damp and aging bones are creaking, not helped by the flu season* being in full swing. So we thought we would lift your spirits with some positive action to boost your immune system and raise your spirits. We don’t want to turn this Blog into […]