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Learn to wait – things will fall into place

Good things come to those who wait (even buses!)  >  We were criticised that our previous Posting about bus stop therapy, failed to mention the meditation bus being trialled in New York. Sorry. There are a 1000 + Postings on this Blog and until now not one has mentioned the value of bus therapy – […]

The art of seeing

‘People see only what they are prepared to see‘  > So said Ralph Waldo Emerson, who presumably had never heard of natural vision correction! Eye strain causes stress-induced headaches which are the catalysts for so many calls to Tonic. Spectacles or contact lenses are the easiest remedy for eye strain, but those seeking a more […]

Farewell January blues – hello February blues

‘Sunset is the saddest light there is‘  >  A poignant quote to ponder this evening! Certainly during these winter months when daylight hours are short, it can be hard to get motivated. Some of us succumb to the winter blues, leading to increased illness, reduced productivity and a general feeling of melancholy. Recovery starts after […]

The best medicine is to teach people how not to need it

Complementary versus alternative therapy – which is best?  Doctors have a love hate relationship with complementary and alternatives medicines (CAMs). Certainly most do not want alternative therapists to darken their surgery doors! Their stance is a fair one. Namely, that their years of training, coupled with the use of proven drugs and high-tech medical procedures […]

Urine drinking – the ultimate recycling therapy

Urine therapy is taking the piss  >   A client who had been following the Universal Healing Tao System asked our view on the value of drinking their own urine to relieve stress. Our view is that even the thought of it would have the opposite effect. In fact it is the only therapy we […]

If it sounds good – it is good

Silence is one of the great arts of conversation  >  Silence is indeed golden, but in our helter skelter world it is a commodity in short supply.  Worst of all are those sounds that drive us crazy and there is in fact a scientific reason why we recoil from unpleasant noises. There is an interaction […]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

True beauty comes from within  >   One of our clients asked us to reproduce a Beauty Tips mantra she repeats every morning. Some may find the following rather quaint, but hopefully others will find it inspirational and charming. Either way, if it makes you smile – and that is the most beautiful curve on a […]

Don’t start the New Year with a toxic detox

Restart your life the American way  >   If you are still scratching your head to find a wacky New Year’s Resolution to impress your friends – green juicing is so last year – then how about making 2018 your Judgment Detox year? OK, it is medical nonsense, which like your friends’ resolutions will be forgotten […]

It’s OK to not feel like celebrating Christmas

God’s Holy Christmas cheer > The following poem is posted on the internet by Darryl Ashton who says, ‘I wrote it at the request of a group who suffer with mental health and depression. They asked me if I could possibly write a poem about depression with a link to Christmas. Well, as I’ve been […]

Nature – the cure-all therapy

‘Nature listens & nature cures‘  >  Naturopathy is based on the ancient idea of medicatrix naturae, which basically means the healing power of nature. Hippocrates summed it up as “Health is the expression of a harmonious balance between various components of man’s nature, the environment and ways of life …. nature is the physician of […]