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Excuses don’t get results

‘My summer body is in progress’ >  Well, let us hope so, but at least you know what makes you fat – eating more in calories than you can burn off in energy. In defiance of the over-bloated slimming industry, there are two free and easy solutions. Eat less and exercise more is top of […]

Therapy to put colour in your cheeks

If you are off-colour you may be feeling blue >  Tonic has always admitted that a face-to-face consultation is better than therapy-by-phone. But needs must in a fast moving society where time is at a premium. A lot can be learnt from a voice, but so much more can be learnt from reading a face. […]


Can TCM give you TLC ?  >  I live in Torquay and even in this quiet backwater there are two TCM clinics. With the restaurant scene now dominated by Chinese takeaways, maybe I should not be surprised that Traditional Chinese Medicine is taking over the alternative medicine scene. But who is using these herbal brews, which from […]

Log out. Shut down. Do yoga

Yoga – because punching people is frowned upon!  >   There is a new trend for using hypnotherapy as a yogic practice. There is no shortage of web sites selling such yoga therapy on the basis that the combination will take your body to a state of deep relaxation. One web service promoting hypnotic yoga, claims that […]

Snuggly blankets – what is there not to like?

Weight on your body is a weight off your mind  >  ‘Weighted blankets help sensory seeking patients calm their bodies in preparation for sleep, or can be used in sensory rooms, classrooms or simply as a way of chilling out at home. This is achieved because the extra weight relieves stress and anxiety, helping to […]

Learn to wait – things will fall into place

Good things come to those who wait (even buses!)  >  We were criticised that our previous Posting about bus stop therapy, failed to mention the meditation bus being trialled in New York. Sorry. There are a 1000 + Postings on this Blog and until now not one has mentioned the value of bus therapy – […]

The art of seeing

‘People see only what they are prepared to see‘  > So said Ralph Waldo Emerson, who presumably had never heard of natural vision correction! Eye strain causes stress-induced headaches which are the catalysts for so many calls to Tonic. Spectacles or contact lenses are the easiest remedy for eye strain, but those seeking a more […]

Farewell January blues – hello February blues

‘Sunset is the saddest light there is‘  >  A poignant quote to ponder this evening! Certainly during these winter months when daylight hours are short, it can be hard to get motivated. Some of us succumb to the winter blues, leading to increased illness, reduced productivity and a general feeling of melancholy. Recovery starts after […]

The best medicine is to teach people how not to need it

Complementary versus alternative therapy – which is best?  Doctors have a love hate relationship with complementary and alternatives medicines (CAMs). Certainly most do not want alternative therapists to darken their surgery doors! Their stance is a fair one. Namely, that their years of training, coupled with the use of proven drugs and high-tech medical procedures […]

Urine drinking – the ultimate recycling therapy

Urine therapy is taking the piss  >   A client who had been following the Universal Healing Tao System asked our view on the value of drinking their own urine to relieve stress. Our view is that even the thought of it would have the opposite effect. In fact it is the only therapy we […]