By Taming My ‘Black Dog’

Farewell January blues – hello February blues

‘Sunset is the saddest light there is‘  >  A poignant quote to ponder this evening! Certainly during these winter months when daylight hours are short, it can be hard to get motivated. Some of us succumb to the winter blues, leading to increased illness, reduced productivity and a general feeling of melancholy. Recovery starts after […]

If it sounds good – it is good

Silence is one of the great arts of conversation  >  Silence is indeed golden, but in our helter skelter world it is a commodity in short supply.  Worst of all are those sounds that drive us crazy and there is in fact a scientific reason why we recoil from unpleasant noises. There is an interaction […]

Love your enemies – they’ll hate it!

‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer‘  > So goes the old proverb, but maybe it is time to rewrite it as …. ‘keep your friends close and your enemies not quite so close‘ as toxic relationships are being linked to depression, cancer and heart disease. According to the latest research*, relationships may be […]

I owe, I owe – so off to work I go!

Here’s to another day of outward smiles and inward rage  >   … so it is back to work for the start of another year. And if you were depressed at work in 2017 then there is nothing to stop it happening all over again. As one Tonic client put it, “I feels as though I’m […]

Merry everything and a happy always

How to fight the post-Christmas blues >  Congratulations – you are a Christmas survivor. So you are in those dull days leading up to New Year, which are only punctuated by inane sales, soggy weather and left-over turkey. Now is not the time to wallow in elf pity (sorry!); instead you need a plan to […]

It’s OK to not feel like celebrating Christmas

God’s Holy Christmas cheer > The following poem is posted on the internet by Darryl Ashton who says, ‘I wrote it at the request of a group who suffer with mental health and depression. They asked me if I could possibly write a poem about depression with a link to Christmas. Well, as I’ve been […]

World’s busiest therapist wants to help you

The chatbot therapist will see you now  > Tonic’s on-call therapy service has met its match. With no family commitments, need to eat, or time off for a social life or even sleep, Woebot is there to dispense cognitive behavioural therapy to you 24/7 via Facebook’s instant messenger service. Looking a bit like the animated […]

Cash award for mental healthcare pioneer

Complementary mental healthcare therapies comes of age   >  An independent charity in Manchester which provides support to adults experiencing mental or emotional distress, has been awarded £300,000 by the Big Lottery Fund. Founded in 1997, the Creative Living Centre already receives funding from the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and a number of other […]

Keep calm and hike on

Life’s a climb – but the view is great  >  If you have banished your pedometer to the bottom of your sock drawer as it was an irritating reminder of how little exercise you were getting, maybe it is time to reawaken the little critter. It could offer the inspiration to rejuvenate your life. Anyone […]

Bereaved offered online grieving

Keeping memories alive online   >  Though funerals have not been at the forefront of technological innovation, important life ceremonies are seeing an increasing number of projects working to make them easier. For examples, an app in Russia now helps bereaved families more smoothly organise a funeral, while traditional Indian ceremonies are now bookable via an app. […]