Medical research

If it sounds good – it is good

Silence is one of the great arts of conversation  >  Silence is indeed golden, but in our helter skelter world it is a commodity in short supply.  Worst of all are those sounds that drive us crazy and there is in fact a scientific reason why we recoil from unpleasant noises. There is an interaction […]

Jury out on fascia therapy

‘Myofascial release cures chronic pain’ – says who?  > Media hype would have you believe that fascia therapy is a cure-all treatment for chronic pain. It is not.  For the uninitiated, fascia* are the webs of fibrous connective tissue so beloved by chiropractors. Myofascial Release (MFR), to give this variant therapy its pseudo-medical name, claims […]

Join the social medicine revolution

Lifestyle medicine will change the way we think about health >  Tonic predicts that social medicine will be the hip therapy phrase in 2018. The concept is hardly new but it is grabbing the media’s attention, not so much as a way of solving our ills, but as a way of reducing the pressure on the […]

Complementary therapy gains respect

Supplementing mainstream healthcare  >  Well-regulated and professional complementary healthcare therapies can offer benefits both to patients and health professionals. This is the view of the CNHC’s chief executive writing in the current edition of the New Statesman. The following is an extract from that report …. ‘This month the Royal Society for Public Health will […]

First deep brain surgery using hypnosis

Hypnosis used to manage pain during brain surgery  > Surgeons have completed the world’s first deep brain surgery using hypnosis instead of an anaesthetic to control the patient’s pain. Doctors carried out the deep brain stimulation procedure to cure the 73-year-old patient’s severe trembling hands. In the six-hour operation, the brain regions which are responsible […]

Cancer – let your faith be bigger than your fear

She believed she could so she did  >  There is nothing new in the idea that that what we think and feel can affect our well-being. To quote Winston Churchill, ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’.  This is why mind-body therapies, such as relaxation, meditation and visualisation are being used more […]

You are not a hypochondriac – you really are ill

‘Your sickness is all in your mind’  > Your doctor may think you are a hypochondriac but it is unlikely that you will be given such a blunt diagnosis. The problem is that if there is no obvious physical cause for your symptoms, trying to get a diagnosis or effective treatment can be a nightmare. The […]

Trauma in early life changes your future

Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness  >  Living in troubled times we have become well acquainted with the term Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which happens to people who have experienced something extremely frightening, or witnessed something terrible happening. People take time to get over a traumatic event, but with PTSD, suffers are unable to move […]

Massage your brain & beat depression

Is a brain massage the secret to treating depression?  >  The latest therapy fad coming tour shores is treating depression by massaging your brain with electro magnets. If this conjures up an image of Dr Frankenstein, it is safer to impress your friends with a long medical term, saying you are having Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. […]

Love someone fighting Alzheimer’s

‘The good thing about Alzheimer’s is that I’ll be able to hide my own Easter  eggs’  >  Well, at least one of our clients has been able to find a positive spin on such a horrible disease. If nothing else, we can still laugh at ourselves! Rarely a week goes by without fresh research offering […]