Things To Do

Learn to wait – things will fall into place

Good things come to those who wait (even buses!)  >  We were criticised that our previous Posting about bus stop therapy, failed to mention the meditation bus being trialled in New York. Sorry. There are a 1000 + Postings on this Blog and until now not one has mentioned the value of bus therapy – […]

‘Happiness is an inside job’

The romance of bus stop therapy  > In our never ending quest to publicise the latest high tech ways to chill, how about giving bus stop light therapy a go? OK, standing in a depressing bus shelter maybe not be your ideal way to boost your mood, but then again you don’t live in Sweden […]

I owe, I owe – so off to work I go!

Here’s to another day of outward smiles and inward rage  >   … so it is back to work for the start of another year. And if you were depressed at work in 2017 then there is nothing to stop it happening all over again. As one Tonic client put it, “I feels as though I’m […]

Don’t start the New Year with a toxic detox

Restart your life the American way  >   If you are still scratching your head to find a wacky New Year’s Resolution to impress your friends – green juicing is so last year – then how about making 2018 your Judgment Detox year? OK, it is medical nonsense, which like your friends’ resolutions will be forgotten […]

Relax, refresh, recharge – spa

Why limit happy to an hour?  >  A client told us how she treated herself to an hour in her local spa, but decided to impress her friends by saying she was having balneotherapy as it sounded more impressive. Her one-upmanship backfired when one friend said she had had a mayan steam bath, while another boasted […]

Walk & talk ecotherapy improves mental health

‘One step at the time is good walking‘ – So says an ancient proverb and indeed it has been proved that walking improves physical and mental health.  On this basis we should all embrace the latest fad for walk and talk ecotherapy. Not only can we recommend it, but it is the only therapy we […]

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted

Rich people buy time – poor people sell time  >  This may be an uncomfortable truth, but it appears rich people are failing to buy enough time through sub-contracting their chores to make themselves truly happy. Presumably this is making poorer people even more unhappy as they have less work! This is all part of the […]

Soak – relax – unwind – rejuvenate

If you feel stressed, blame your shower > Mystery solved.  Tonic’s therapists have often wondered why we have never had a call from the Conservative MP Tim Loughton – the answer is that he is in the bath! He revealed last week that he kicks off the day with an hour long bath to think. Hosting […]

You’ll feel your best when you are happy

How to squeeze more joy out of every day  >  Self-fulfilment and work-life balance are buzz phrases we hear a lot of in the therapy world. For most of us work is simply a way to earn money, while for the lucky few it also provides joy and fulfilment. The internet and bookshops are awash […]

Unplug yourself – restart life

Most things in our homes will work again if they are unplugged for a few minutes and switched on again. Including you. Meditation is a great for stress relief. It stops your mind working overtime, brings inner peace and focuses your grey matter on issues that really matter. What’s more it is simple, free and […]