Love your enemies – they’ll hate it!

‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer‘  > So goes the old proverb, but maybe it is time to rewrite it as …. ‘keep your friends close and your enemies not quite so close‘ as toxic relationships are being linked to depression, cancer and heart disease. According to the latest research*, relationships may be […]

Kindness is a happiness paradoxes

Become happy by making others happier  > This is a weird thought, and yet according to numerous studies the best way to achieve your own personal goals is to lay them aside and help others. Kindness makes you happy – for examples … chronic back pain suffers who help other sufferers can actually decreased the […]

The best healing therapy is friendship & love

‘Shopping is cheaper than therapy‘ > This was one of the headlines from this week’s newspapers, which judging by most wives’ shopping bills is undoubtedly untrue. Their ‘add to cart’ kind of day is a very expensive therapy! Too much of the feel-good advice we are given is based on huge dollops of wishful thinking […]

A nag a day keeps the doctor away

Nag, nag, nag, nag  >  Oh dear, some bad news for our henpecked clients as it seems nagging is good for you.  Research shows that unhappily married men have a lower risk of developing diabetes and a higher chance of successful treatment if they do develop it. A researcher explained,  “Since diabetes is affected by […]

How to help an over-giver

Be generous with you time and your heart   >   It would be hard to have missed the tragic case of the Bristol pensioner Olive Cooke who committed suicide after being overwhelmed by endless cold calls and begging letters from charities. Heralded as Britain’s oldest poppy seller, Olive could not cope with the high level of […]

Masochists get rich quicker than sadists!

Feel the pain of getting rich  >  Sadly, Tonic’s therapists are heading towards their busiest time of year. The pending stresses and strains of Christmas were all too apparent in the frenzied buying during Black Friday. We all claim to be altruistic and strive to have empathy with others, but in reality are these just […]

People need people to be happy

Reach out, touch and be happy  > Sorry to mention it, but it is Monday. But before you trudge head down back to work, latch onto a major high from the weekend – the stonking feel-good success of ‘Children in Need‘. It doesn’t matter if you donated or not, just watching the stories of hope, […]