Therapy to put colour in your cheeks

If you are off-colour you may be feeling blue >  Tonic has always admitted that a face-to-face consultation is better than therapy-by-phone. But needs must in a fast moving society where time is at a premium. A lot can be learnt from a voice, but so much more can be learnt from reading a face. […]

Snuggly blankets – what is there not to like?

Weight on your body is a weight off your mind  >  ‘Weighted blankets help sensory seeking patients calm their bodies in preparation for sleep, or can be used in sensory rooms, classrooms or simply as a way of chilling out at home. This is achieved because the extra weight relieves stress and anxiety, helping to […]

World’s busiest therapist wants to help you

The chatbot therapist will see you now  > Tonic’s on-call therapy service has met its match. With no family commitments, need to eat, or time off for a social life or even sleep, Woebot is there to dispense cognitive behavioural therapy to you 24/7 via Facebook’s instant messenger service. Looking a bit like the animated […]

Be happy – it drives people crazy

Take no pleasure in being pleasure averse >  Tonic has finally found a phobia it cannot cure. We specialise in bringing happiness back into people’s lives, including helping them get rid of pesky fears, so how do we help someone who has an aversion to happiness? Admittedly, our therapists have only encountered one case of […]

Unplug yourself – restart life

Most things in our homes will work again if they are unplugged for a few minutes and switched on again. Including you. Meditation is a great for stress relief. It stops your mind working overtime, brings inner peace and focuses your grey matter on issues that really matter. What’s more it is simple, free and […]

Help – I’m a nice person!

Sensitive people suffer more, but they love more & dream more In today’s fast-paced society, you are expected to multi-task. You are encouraged to seize the day (Carpe diem), living it to the full as though it is your last. But if you struggle to juggle you could be diagnosed as a Highly Sensitive Person. […]

Heart-brain link key to stress free life

Listen to your heart, not your head > This age old advice remains true in these troubled times and yet it is easier said than done. Throughout most of your day you won’t even notice your heartbeat at all. This is because your brain masks the sensation of your heart, except when your pulse races […]

Kiss therapy only given lip service

Kissing addicts seek help  >  One of our therapist reported a case of basorexia. Fortunately the condition is not treatable and unfortunately is likely to self-cure all too soon. Still, when you are only three, the over powering desire to kiss even the hairy cheek of great aunt Gladys can hardly be considered an ailment. Yet […]

Kindness is a happiness paradoxes

Become happy by making others happier  > This is a weird thought, and yet according to numerous studies the best way to achieve your own personal goals is to lay them aside and help others. Kindness makes you happy – for examples … chronic back pain suffers who help other sufferers can actually decreased the […]

Think positive & positive things will happen

Train your mind to see good in every situation  >  Over recent years researchers have found new and scientifically proven ways to increase positive emotions and thus well-being. The five techniques detailed below are making the headlines as they have a good track record in boosting positive emotions. Some do require commitment and practice, but hopefully […]