Awareness through movement

Learn to walk on air to happiness >  Risking our readers thinking Tonic has a foot fetish, we want to talk about your feet again. This is because a caller criticised our last Posting about foot therapy for not mentioning the Feldenkrais Method. With a mantra that ‘standing is harder than walking’, with this therapy […]

Just relax and accept the crazy

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it  >  In this crazy world there is never a shortage of health advice in the Media – the only problem is that most is conflicting. Whether coffee and red wine are good or bad for you is a question of which day you […]

Progress in osteoarthritis research

Osteoarthritis decoded  >     Therapists who work on our our age therapy service inevitably speak to many callers who suffer from osteoarthritis. The good news is some promising research from scientists trying to track down the response genes. They have discovered another eight pieces of genetic code linked to osteoarthritis; this brings the total number to 11. Inherited […]

New hope for arthritis sufferers

Arthritis affected by lifestyle >  Following comments in our ‘Your Say‘ Forum about complementary therapies being under-estimated, if you suffer from arthritis you can gain fresh hope that simple lifestyle changes could reduce your crippling pain. Doctors are claiming that regular exercise, losing weight and better diets will all help to prevent or control the condition. […]