Fear Free (Incl Phobias)

‘Happiness is an inside job’

The romance of bus stop therapy  > In our never ending quest to publicise the latest high tech ways to chill, how about giving bus stop light therapy a go? OK, standing in a depressing bus shelter maybe not be your ideal way to boost your mood, but then again you don’t live in Sweden […]

Food is both fuel & therapy

Farewell to a beige diet  >  This Christmas lunch will be very special for a Manchester mum thanks to the inspired work of a hypnotherapist. It will be the first time Amy Millington has not hidden in her room while her family gorge in the dining room. Until a few weeks ago she was so […]

Silence speaks volumes

Earmuffs at the ready – here comes the next phobia > Congratulations, you are officially a Halloween survivor and overcame all the associated phobias which we itemised in our previous Posting. But if you are a hard-core phobiac, this is no time to relax with Guy Fawkes night coming up. Most advice focuses on how […]

Keep calm – it is only a witch

Have a spooktacular halloween  >  One of our therapists called Tim is a self-confessed killjoy when it comes to Halloween. ‘Hate it, hate it. Bad influence on children, tacky and sick, occult-focused and I’m going to bed early on Tuesday to avoid that dreaded knock on the door followed by the cry ‘trick or treat’. […]

Be happy – it drives people crazy

Take no pleasure in being pleasure averse >  Tonic has finally found a phobia it cannot cure. We specialise in bringing happiness back into people’s lives, including helping them get rid of pesky fears, so how do we help someone who has an aversion to happiness? Admittedly, our therapists have only encountered one case of […]

What are you afraid of?

Inhale courage – exhale phobia >  We are often asked what is the most common phobia? A fair guess would be spiders, heights and things that go bang in the night. The actually answer is truly surprising and in fact Tonic’s therapists cure more phobias relating to totally harmless fears, than those that genuinely represent […]

Never stop looking up

‘The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to‘  >  A Tonic therapist was reminded of this saying by a client seeking an escape from crippling loneliness. Though many of us find peace or tranquillity by looking up, for others our celestial friend engenders fear and dread. Fear of the moon is known as […]

Luck is believing you are lucky

Miracles are happening all around you – you only have to stop and look to find them. The problem is that most of us hold on to our comfort blankets, being contented in our humdrum existence. We go through life doing the same things, blinkers on, just putting one foot in front of the other, […]

What you eat is what you are

The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison Eating fruit & veg boosts happiness > This opinion is based on research* which found that people who change from eating almost no fruit and veg to eight portions a day are happier. Happiness was boosted […]

Heart-brain link key to stress free life

Listen to your heart, not your head > This age old advice remains true in these troubled times and yet it is easier said than done. Throughout most of your day you won’t even notice your heartbeat at all. This is because your brain masks the sensation of your heart, except when your pulse races […]