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A gut reaction to hypnosis

April is IBS Awareness month > Irritable Bowel Syndrome is indeed a serious condition, but to grab an entire month rather than having the usual Awareness Day seems a tad greedy, as the multitude of other illnesses will have to be squeezed into the remaining eleven! IBS is one of the most common digestive conditions […]

There are two types of pedestrians – the quick & the dead

Pedestrians must not confuse ‘right of way’ with ‘immortality!  >  At Tonic we love curing phobias and the weirder the better. Not only are they interesting, but they are easy and quick to resolve which makes our work rewarding. So we’ll allow this particular client tell his problem in his own words …. “Please don’t […]

Excuses don’t get results

‘My summer body is in progress’ >  Well, let us hope so, but at least you know what makes you fat – eating more in calories than you can burn off in energy. In defiance of the over-bloated slimming industry, there are two free and easy solutions. Eat less and exercise more is top of […]

MPS – A needless or needleless therapy?

Is a dolphin better than a Ibuprophen?  >  Chronic pain wears down the very soul. The resulting depression is the catalyst for many cries for help to acupuncturists, Tonic’s hypnotherapists and so many other complementary therapists offering a range of pain reduction treatments. So maybe we should welcome a technique claiming to be more effective […]

If you rest you rust

‘Come on inner peace – I don’t have all day‘ > We are all in a rush and yet finding time to chill is important. Thankfully many of us have discovered our own path to inner calm, such as meditation to sooth the brain and exercises for bodily relaxation, but what about the Feldenkrais Method with […]

RNT & RNT and RNT again!

‘Worry & rumination are the enemies to living in the present moment‘  >  The medical world is bedevilled by acronyms, the purpose of which is to add mystique or respectability to obscure treatments. Complementary therapies are as guilty as the rest, with the latest contender being RNT. Until now this stood for Reactive Neuromuscular Training […]

Therapy to put colour in your cheeks

If you are off-colour you may be feeling blue >  Tonic has always admitted that a face-to-face consultation is better than therapy-by-phone. But needs must in a fast moving society where time is at a premium. A lot can be learnt from a voice, but so much more can be learnt from reading a face. […]


Can TCM give you TLC ?  >  I live in Torquay and even in this quiet backwater there are two TCM clinics. With the restaurant scene now dominated by Chinese takeaways, maybe I should not be surprised that Traditional Chinese Medicine is taking over the alternative medicine scene. But who is using these herbal brews, which from […]

All life is problem solving

Life is problems – living is solving them  >  Can hypnotherapy be used to solve practical problems? The quick answer is ‘yes’ and Problem-Solving Therapy in particular takes a heuristic approach*. PST, which dates back to the early 1970s as a sub-genre of cognitive-behavioural therapy, takes a relatively simple, action-oriented and pragmatic approach to therapy. […]

Help – I have to speak in public!

All great speakers were bad speakers first >  If you are shy then the very thought of speaking in public will give you a heart tremor. You probably see yourself as Colin Firth in the ‘The King’s Speech’ and indeed, speaking calmly and fluently in front of an audience certainly is a skill. If you have […]