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Some memories never fade

Things end – bad memories can last for ever >  Spring has sprung and by now you should have spring cleaned your home, but how about de-cluttering your mind?  If you believe supporters of Time Line Therapy, painful emotions attached to bad memories or events can be eliminated.   This therapeutic process, which was pioneered in […]

It is easier to build up a child than repair an adult

‘You can spend a lifetime trying to forget a few minutes of your childhood’  >  This is a quote being used this week in the ongoing debate about paediatric hypnotherapy.  Advocates claim it is one of the most effective therapies in this field, with the added advantage of achieving fast results. The enthusiasm for such complementary […]

Will you go out today?

The loneliness of agoraphobia is painful  >  A client told this week how her teenage son had excitedly announced that Courteney Cox was using hypnotherapy in a bid to rebuild her relationship with ex-fiancé Johnny McDaid. Her ‘whose Courteney Cox’ response was not received well! For the benefit of us oldies, Courteney is the former […]

Winning isn’t everything – wanting to win is

The extra energy required to make another effort is the secret of winning  >  An aspiring tennis player asked a Tonic therapist for help to make her win. It reminded us of the question – How do you get to Carnegie Hall? – the answer being  ‘Practice, practice, practice‘. Professionals in top class sport now employee two […]

Coffee is not a hug in a mug

Should coffee not be your cup of tea?   >  Every day we Brits drink 70 million cups of coffee. Scary, and the problem is even worse the other side of the pond. As Ronald Reagan said, “ I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon!” Coffee together with […]

Your attitude is your best pain management tool

Danger of using unknown pain treatments  >  A client who phoned requesting help managing pain, asked if we could use today’s Blog to explain the Crasilneck Bombardment Technique. The answer is ‘no’ as we have never heard of it! There is very little on the subject on the internet except for a single and much […]

GPs wary of non-drug treatments for hypertension

High blood pressure therapies cause concern  >      Doctors are concerned over the increasing number of patients trying alternative ways to reduce their blood pressure. One stated in the Press… “We are seeing a cultural shift where an increasing number of people want to avoid prescription drugs. We are also seeing a growing number of […]

Relax your body & unlock your chi

Get in touch with a touch therapy  >  The use of hypnotherapy by athletes to improve their performance is well documented, but until this year’s London marathon we had not heard of shiatsu being used to help runners. This is an ancient therapy, involving massaging the body’s system of pressure points to realign its energy […]

Motivational therapy helps stroke patients

Can hypnotherapy help stroke victims?  >  Carl Yung said, ‘I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become’. An inspirational thought especially for stroke survivors, of whom one in eight die within 30 days.  Facing such a gloomy statistic it is essential that even mild stroke victims recognise the seriousness […]

Get a happiness strategy

Choose to be happy >   The secret of happiness may be a combination of simply choosing to be happy and having the right genes. If your talent for happiness is mostly determined by your genes, trying to be happier is like trying to be taller! And yet psychologists believe you can still pursue happiness by overcoming […]