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The only person I can influence is myself

‘No-one listens to a thing I say’ > If this is your lament, then join the club. Don’t we all at times feel we are a voice in the wilderness, with the resulting refrain of ‘why do I bother’? Good question, though maybe the wrong one. Many of our clients express frustration and unhappiness at […]

Are you safe from rogue clowns?

Creepy clown craze unmasked >  > An outbreak of clowns spooking our children has spread across the country. The fad has led to a deluge of calls to helplines from youngsters left terrified by the sinister phenomenon. The NSPCC said Scotland’s two Childline bases had conducted 22 counselling sessions to help frightened youngsters since the […]

Stress is a lifestyle choice

Epidemic of busy-ness  >  If you have never been busier then you are infected by a contagion which blights the Western world. There are not enough hours in the day, let alone for reading the hundreds of self-help books telling you how to tame your lifestyle.  They won’t work simply because you are rushed off […]

Old timers shed their inhibitions

Get to my age and 50 sheds of grey is my idea of fun   >  So quipped one of our male clients who rejoices in the sanctuary at the bottom of his garden. A shed is place for older men to do things, mend things, invent things in splendid isolation. A place to escape the […]

Quit smoking or die trying

‘Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times‘ >  So said Mark Twain who would have been a prime target for the NHS Stopober campaign which launches this month with the aim of getting smokers to kick their habit in 28 days. An annual […]

The truth behind the superfood myth

Free superfoods – hurry while stocks last  >  If you listen to all the fear-mongering research peddled in the Media, you would scare yourself to death. Just this week we are being told sad music will make you age faster, while laughing is bad for you heart. It is enough to make anyone stressed. What […]

Stick a candle in your ear and be happy!

Wicks ends for those at their wits end >?  If you want a more balanced emotional state you need to stick a lighted candle in your ear for 15 minutes. No, this is not a sketch from a Roald Dahl story, rather a new age therapy being peddled in health mags. If you believe what […]

At the root of jealousy is fear & sadness

Don’t be a slave to envy >  The view in our previous Posting that jealousy is a sign of insecurity and lack of self-confidence, attracted criticism.  Many callers disputed that jealousy is an irrational emotion. The problem is that callers to Tonic rarely give ‘jealousy’ as the cause of their misery, even though it is […]

How to overcome baby jealous

Is your new baby a threat?  >  We are told that ‘if people are jealous you are doing something right’. Unfortunately this proverb does not hold true for young children when a new addition to the family arrives. Logic goes out of the nursery window in the face of tantrums and sulks. Of course, some kids […]

It’s official – coffee IS good for you

Drink coffee and live longer >  As children we were told an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but the new well-being mantra is that coffee will give you health and longevity. We were reminded of this advice following our last Posting, when a client emailed to say caffeine is the ingredient needed to live longer. […]