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Free hugs come at a cost

Are you prepared to embrace the cuddle craze?  >  In the TV comedy ‘Lead Balloon‘ hapless comedian Rick Spleen is repelled by the very thought of attending a cuddle party. Cuddling a friend is one thing, cuddling a total strange smacks of something more unsavoury and smutty. We Brits don’t do touchy feely therapy and […]

Self-help tips for everyday life

‘Of all the home remedies, a good wife is best’  >  So said a client and indeed our clients are brim full of pick-me-ups, natural remedies or a cherished heal-all concoctions passed down from generation to generation. Most defy modern medical research and are at best placebos, but who cares if they work for you. For example, […]

Don’t believe everything you think

A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work  >  There are plenty of ways to beat anxiety the natural way, by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle. If you don’t think this is a priority, here is a sobering thought – men who suffer from anxiety are more than twice […]

Beating the blues thanks to therapy

‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’  >  This may be true, but professional performers will need some convincing. It is a hard world out there on stage where no amount of music is going to heal the soul! Whether you are an am-dram performer suffering first night nerves, or a […]

Don’t lose sleep over insomnia

Strategy to sleep well > For many of our clients sleeping like a baby is an impossible dream. How they wish for a restorative and natural good night’s sleep, to awaken refreshed, relaxed and energised with a clear head. But for them the reality is disturbed nights, snatched sleep and visits to the toilet. Or just […]

Don’t be afraid of depression

Insecurities make you human  >  A Tonic client told us this week how joining a psychotherapy course shed light on her insecurities and helped her climb out of her ‘dark black pit’. Reluctant to take antidepressants, her GP also suggested the herbal remedy St John’s Wort* which she still uses if her mood slumps. She told […]

Out of this world therapy

Beam me up Tonic  >  More than a million Americans believe they have been abducted by aliens. Following the Presidential election campaign it is likely that you can think of a strong candidate!  In fact, this out of this world phenomenon is so widespread that a whole industry has grown up around helping returning abductees […]

Foods to beat the winter blues

Eat your way to happiness > The weather is cold and damp and aging bones are creaking, not helped by the flu season* being in full swing. So we thought we would lift your spirits with some positive action to boost your immune system and raise your spirits. We don’t want to turn this Blog into […]

Dream a new dream in 2017

New Year – new fears?  >  So how is your Neoannophobia? For most of us the start of a new year is a source of optimism, but for others it is a time to face up to failures, especially short lived resolutions!  Such New Year fears are especially common among elderly people, as each diary change […]

News is a depressant drug which is addictive

News is to the mind what sugar is to cancer  >   If you struggle to understand that statement, the argument is that news is toxic. Take two examples: In 2016 we are bombarded with negative images and depressing news over which we have no control. News was dominated by stories about how people had […]