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Are you energised about energetic therapy?

The quest for mind-body harmony  >  The term ‘energetic medicine’ has been coined to cover therapies which set out to restore harmony within your body’s natural energy fields. But use of the word ‘medicine’ is unhelpful as it infers a medical respectability which does not exist. Advocates say such treatment ‘reconnects you with your body’s […]

Health app discovered by accident

App therapy for obesity & anxiety  >   The reincarnation of Pokémon game has come under fire, including criticism from the NSPCC. However, many players are counterattacking claiming the app has helped their mental health, mood, social anxiety and depression. Typical Twitter comments are that PokemonGO … ‘actually makes me want to leave my room and […]

Make yourself who you’ve always wanted to be

Nothing changes if nothing changes >  This is a mantra used by therapists. Their clients know something is wrong in their lives, are seeking change and crying out for help. In our society that ‘help’ too often comes in the form of a pot of anti-depressant pills, but fortunately more and more are seeking more therapeutic […]

Holiday stress strategy for bosses

A holiday is having nothing to do & all day to do it >  There is no surprise that small business owners are unable to switch off when taking a holiday.  If you are a typical SME boss you will end up spending as much time working as relaxing. A survey has found that the […]

Explore your fears & set yourself free

Isn’t it funny how funny our fears can be? >  Now is a bad time to have anthophobia (fear of flowers), paraliaphobia or indeed ostraconophobia.  Or maybe just reading these words will bring on your hypopotomonstropedaliophobia *. But whatever long name you give to your terror you need to remember that your morbid fear is not […]

You were born to be real – not perfect

Which therapy is best for me?   >  This is a question many of our clients wrestle with and there is no absolute answer. We are all different. Indeed, too much time is spent within the therapeutic world in self-serving discussion as to which counselling approach is the real panacea. A debate not helped by too […]

Think positive to retrain your brain

Dream of the future not dwell on the past  >  People phone Tonic with problems like exam  nerves, fear of public  speaking, stage  fright and an inability to pass their driving  test due to bad nerves. The common factor is the way they ‘freeze’ and apparently loses the ability to think clearly. Simplistically speaking, such […]

Politics overload warning

‘What this country needs is more unemployed politicians’ > It is disappointing that we have not had a phone call from a politicophobiac. Hypnotherapy is a great way to cure any phobia, let alone a fear of politicians who currently have never been more in-your-face. Oh for the halcyon days before the Brexit vote! Maybe […]

The mind over matter diet

How to avoid the perils of yo-yo dieting  >  Losing weight does not come easy to most women (OK – and some of our more honest men!). Some of us succeed in shedding a few pounds, but after a while lose control again and find ourselves back where we started. But let us be honest, there […]

Give this new age therapy the boot

Barefaced hype promotes barefoot therapy  >  “Is it worth me trying grounding” a client asked one of our therapist. She had never heard of it and, after making enquiries, quipped that she wished she had remained clueless! In case you are equally in the dark, ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ is based on the concept of maintaining […]