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Can you break your digital diet?

Striking a balance between life & technology    >   Do you have  internet addiction or do you have a 200-a-day selfie habit? How often do we see young people sitting in groups and not communicating, going to the cinema and glued instead to Facebook, treating themselves to a restaurant meal and never actually talking.  The […]

Stress danger of working from home

Warning – flexible working can make you ill   >  Until now the idea of working from home has been the holy grail in achieving work-life balance. Less stressful, more productive. But this is being called into question by research which has found that such flexible working practices can do more harm than good, as […]

Pubs are good for us – we’ll drink to that!

Pub therapy makes you happy & healthy  >   We launch the month with some good news.  According to an Oxford anthropologist it is healthy to visit the pub. Robin Dunbar, who also is a professor in evolutionary psychologist, says that regular visits to your local not only benefit your social life, but improve your health […]

How to tame a terminal illness

Tonic Clinic defies a terminal diagnosis  >  Being diagnosed with a terminal illness will strike fear into the heart of the most stoic patient. If this is you, hopefully, with the help of friends, family and care profesionals you have not been overwhelmed by your emotions. You have reached a level of acceptance that allows you […]

Online advice claims to solve stress

Stressed? Try crowdsourced online advice   >    In our never ending quest to bring you the latest innovations in complementary healthcare, here are three high-tech ideas coming out of the USA. First up are two anonymous social media crowdsource therapies.  Paralign and Koko are social media apps that enable users to anonymously post their […]

Inhale love, exhale hate – the Yoga way

‘Yoga is my favourite way to pretend to work out’  >   So said one of our humorous clients and, indeed more and more stressed people are turning to yoga as a a way to meditate and relax.  It is indeed a great way to relieve anxiety – the breathing, mild exercise and sense of presence involved can all […]

It’s so loud inside my head

How to stop the ringing in your head  >   Stress can be a significant factor in most cases of tinnitus.  Understanding how to manage this link is important with a medical problem where there is no medical or pharmacological cure. In fact, the correlation is both from the point of view that the annoyance […]

Happiness is in your genes

Reason to be cheerful is in you DNA  >  The Brits’ caricature of stiff upper-lipped melancholia may be undeserved. It has been found that the so called ‘happiness gene’ is in Britain’s DNA, which places us at the top of international wellbeing polls. This is small consolation to all those pissed-off Brits for whom happiness is […]

Stay awake to fall asleep

Reverse psychology aids sleeping  >   A medical researcher at the University of Glasgow, assembled two groups of volunteers and monitored their sleep for two weeks.  One group was asked to spend each night trying to stay awake for as long as possible, while the other group did not receive any special instructions. Those trying to […]

New hope for Alzheimer’s cures

Slow down, you move to fast  >   There is growing evidence that highly-stressed pensioners are more than twice as likely to develop mild cognitive impairment than those who are more laid back. Pensioners are being told that they can dramatically reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s by chillaxing (to use the new buzz word!) Dr Richard […]