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The Fear of Freedom

Sometimes plan, but sometimes wing it >  One of our therapists who was reminiscing about her previous life organising major political conferences, said one of her jobs was organising spontaneity!  Her confession resulted in a debate as to whether we are all in danger of losing this mysterious human emotion. After all, when was the last […]

Cupping is latest Olympic fad

Contagion of the red circles  > Athletes competing in the Olympics are resorting to cupping therapy in their quests for medals. But does being festooned in red and purple bruises really give a competitive edge, or are they just badges of gullibility? Known as Myofascial decompression (MFD), this is an alternative therapeutic practice involving suction […]

Medics report increasing stress levels

Psychologists complain of ‘battery farm culture’  >  Work-related stress and depression are increasing among practitioners working in NHS psychology services, including IAPT. A survey* found 46% said they were depressed, nearly half that they ‘felt like a failure’ and a massive 70% said they felt stressed often or all the time. Working in a target-driven […]

‘I’m sorry I never apologise’

Sorry is the hardest word to say > Many of us start conversations with an apology. Insecurity, inferiority, anxiety and bad nerves are the usual culprits, but what if you had the opposite problem? Some people have such large egos that they cannot even contemplate the concept of being wrong, let alone apologising. And yet […]

The authentic self is the soul made visible

What’s wrong with just being you?    >  Good question, but the problem is knowing who is the true you. Maybe you to get the feeling that something is missing from your life, but you can’t place what. When you were young, you were simply yourselves. You were carefree, tumbling through childhood without a trace of […]

Laughter is the fireworks of the soul

Stressed? You must be joking!   >   Walt Disney said .. ‘ Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are for ever’. Certainly life is better when you are laughing, which helps explains the growth in smile therapy, laughter yoga and similar fun ways to cure stress the natural way. In fact, laughter parties […]

Paranoia over electro signals

Are you allergic to the world?  >  In case you are short of things to worry about, now is the time to fear your hair dryer.  Also, according to the tabloid Press, you are under threat from your internet router, TV, cordless and mobile phones and even your toaster *. You can’t even escape outdoors […]

Are you energised about energetic therapy?

The quest for mind-body harmony  >  The term ‘energetic medicine’ has been coined to cover therapies which set out to restore harmony within your body’s natural energy fields. But use of the word ‘medicine’ is unhelpful as it infers a medical respectability which does not exist. Advocates say such treatment ‘reconnects you with your body’s […]

Health app discovered by accident

App therapy for obesity & anxiety  >   The reincarnation of Pokémon game has come under fire, including criticism from the NSPCC. However, many players are counterattacking claiming the app has helped their mental health, mood, social anxiety and depression. Typical Twitter comments are that PokemonGO … ‘actually makes me want to leave my room and […]

Make yourself who you’ve always wanted to be

Nothing changes if nothing changes >  This is a mantra used by therapists. Their clients know something is wrong in their lives, are seeking change and crying out for help. In our society that ‘help’ too often comes in the form of a pot of anti-depressant pills, but fortunately more and more are seeking more therapeutic […]