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You’ll feel your best when you are happy

How to squeeze more joy out of every day  >  Self-fulfilment and work-life balance are buzz phrases we hear a lot of in the therapy world. For most of us work is simply a way to earn money, while for the lucky few it also provides joy and fulfilment. The internet and bookshops are awash […]

What are you afraid of?

Inhale courage – exhale phobia >  We are often asked what is the most common phobia? A fair guess would be spiders, heights and things that go bang in the night. The actually answer is truly surprising and in fact Tonic’s therapists cure more phobias relating to totally harmless fears, than those that genuinely represent […]

I need you to knead me

Talk to the hand for health  >  Usually when we review alternative therapies, we find the internet is awash with polarised views. Some deride them as pseudo-science while others are in raptures over their healing benefit. Not so with the Rosen Method where it is difficult to find any criticism. This either means apathy rules, […]

When boredom strikes, creativity takes over

Being bored does not make you boring  >  A non-meditationite* pointed out that our last Posting praising meditation failed to mention that it was boring. “I lose the will to live when I try to meditate,” said this client, “I can’t see the point of trying to stop thinking when there is so much to […]

Unplug yourself – restart life

Most things in our homes will work again if they are unplugged for a few minutes and switched on again. Including you. Meditation is a great for stress relief. It stops your mind working overtime, brings inner peace and focuses your grey matter on issues that really matter. What’s more it is simple, free and […]

Corrupted therapy ridiculed by medics

Controversial chelation therapy exposed  >  Tonic’s Blog has reviewed scores of weird and wonderful therapies. Though many are medically unproven and indeed laughable, in most cases our recommendation is that if they are safe and cheap then there is no harm in giving them a go. After all, the experience could be fun and your […]

Awareness through movement

Learn to walk on air to happiness >  Risking our readers thinking Tonic has a foot fetish, we want to talk about your feet again. This is because a caller criticised our last Posting about foot therapy for not mentioning the Feldenkrais Method. With a mantra that ‘standing is harder than walking’, with this therapy […]

Sole therapy for lost souls

Give foot therapy the boot  >  Gypsy fortune telling and tasseography are so yesterday, head readings and phrenology so archaic, orbuculum and tarot readings so occult. Astrology is as popular as ever, but if you want to be really fashionable then foot reading is having a resurgence. Your eyes might be the window to the […]

Growing old is mandatory – growing up is optional

‘Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternative‘ > So said Maurice Chevalier, but let us get real – when the years mount up so do physical and mental challenges. Fortunately the younger generation are industrious, ensuring pensions are funded and they keep finding new ways to keep the oldies going for […]

Help – I’m a nice person!

Sensitive people suffer more, but they love more & dream more In today’s fast-paced society, you are expected to multi-task. You are encouraged to seize the day (Carpe diem), living it to the full as though it is your last. But if you struggle to juggle you could be diagnosed as a Highly Sensitive Person. […]